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By Cherri Gregori-Pedrioli


Inspiring Stories of Healing Through Alternative and Holistic Health Care

 I made a promise to my mother before she passed, that I would make sure that what happened to her and my grandmother would not happen to anymore of our loved ones. People need to explore their Choices before making life changing decisions. If my mother and grandmother had explored CHOICES and not allowed the FEAR that their doctors put into them the outcome may have been very different.

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Cherri Gregori-Pedrioli

We have so many Choices that not only fight the diseases, but build our immune system, and this is why I am looking people who are serious about changing the lives of others, who are serious about delivering a wholeness aspect to health and wellness, and are serious about delivering compassionate care for their clients and patients. I am looking for Authors who want to help more people and to change more lives through education, collaboration and connection.