Animal Healing

Animal Healing Santa RosaAll life is energy, and all life forms can become attuned to the frequencies of the planet and universe through Reconnective Healing®. Animal healing is available for pets and farm animals who may benefit from physical, emotional, or behavioral challenges.

Animal healing can take place in-person or through distance sessions. Because animals do not experience the same mental and spiritual barriers as humans, animal healing can be particularly effective and beneficial in as little as one session.

Reconnective healing offers an excellent path to better health and emotions for pets such as cats and dogs as well as horses, goats, and other exotic pets or farm animals.

The benefits of reconnective animal healing

Reconnective Healing DogReconnective healing benefits animals with unexplained health problems, chronic illness, erratic behavior, anti-social behavior, or a history of past abuse or mistreatment. 

Animal healing can release the stress and trauma of past experiences. By restoring emotional balance and allowing the body to access energy from new sources, animals often heal from illnesses or behavioral issues that traditional practitioners have been unable to treat or cure.

The amount and type of light and energy inside a living body have a profound effect on health. In animal healing as in human sessions, Reconnective Healing® increases the availability of energy, light and information in order to promote healing in the physical body.

Arranging an animal healing session

Pets and other animals can be helped by scheduling a house call to perform animal healing.

Multiple animals can take part in a Reconnective Healing® session at the same time. The process does not necessarily involve touch of any kind. They can receive the benefits without knowing the session is taking place because the healing occurs through frequencies that affect the mind and body on a profoundly deep level.

In some cases, animal healing will produce visible and tangible results right away. Otherwise the effects will become apparent over the days and weeks following the session. You may notice improved health or even illnesses disappearing. The animal’s mood and behavior may change slightly, as the healing helps remove imbalances and promote a fuller life force connected to the broad frequencies of energy surrounding them.

Contact us to discuss the animal’s condition, personality, and behavior. Let us know if there are particular issues that need to be addressed and how the animal typically responds to new humans.

We can work with animals and their people to establish the best surroundings and methods to ensure that each animal healing session produces the same incredible benefits of Reconnective Healing® experienced by humans.

After dealing with doctors for several years, my daughter Kristin was unable to get any answers as to why she was not growing or gaining any weight. She developed anxiety due to do the stress and had to go on medication.  Tried of dealing with traditional doctors and tests,  I decided to take a different route, one of healing energy and I brought Kristin to see Cherri at Reconnective Healing.  Kristin did three sessions with Cherri. At first it didn’t seem like anything was happening but I am so happy to report that after a couple of months Kristin is off her medication, has grown 1 1/2 inches and gained 7 lbs.  I would recommend Cherri @ Reconnective Healing for anyone who might be having any unanswered health problems.
Brenda W.

Petaluma, CA

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