The Reconnection

The Reconnection establishes a link and a pathway to the frequencies and energy that exist throughout the world and the universe. We all have meridian lines known to us in such fields as acupuncture, but we have within us the ability to create new lines — axiatonal lines that put us in touch with our existence in ways that we would otherwise never realize. The Reconnection is a reconnecting of the body, mind and spirit to the full spectrum of frequencies that exist around us.

The Reconnection takes place over two sessions of approximately one hour each. We recommend that you experience each session on two consecutive days or with minimal time between each session. Most people first undergo up to three sessions of Reconnective Healing® before receiving The Reconnection, but it is possible to succeed in this process without prior sessions.

Afterward, you will begin to awaken and become aware of new frequencies over the course of the following days. Reconnecting may occur slowly and gradually, or in bursts of epiphany.

What happens during The Reconnection?

the-reconnectionThe Reconnection can be described as an intense and accelerated journey into Reconnective Healing®. The process makes you conscious of and attuned to the body’s meridian lines, the ley lines (energy lines) of the earth, and the universal grid of energies — in a new and expansive harmony.

The process involves touch-free methods that re-establish the eternal and universal lines known as axiational lines, and connect the mind and body to external frequencies.

The physical body becomes attuned to the greater field of energy. At the cellular and DNA level, the body awakens, reactivates from dormancy, and realigns with the hidden connections that have been lost or blocked.

On an emotional, spiritual and mental level, The Reconnection also serves to awaken new cognition. You will better know yourself and understand the universe around you, leading to new and expanded consciousness.

After The Reconnection

Following the experience, many people spend a few days resting and meditating to absorb and transform the new energies. You may also feel free to go about your normal business, expecting the new awareness and connections to become apparent through a growing sense of self-knowledge and changes manifested in physical energy and healthfulness. The Reconnection brings a different experience for every individual — what is definite, however, is that you will be attuned to the fullest spectrum of frequencies found within ourselves and throughout the universe. The Reconnection restores balance and energy and allows you to access these senses for the rest of your life.

After dealing with doctors for several years, my daughter Kristin was unable to get any answers as to why she was not growing or gaining any weight. She developed anxiety due to do the stress and had to go on medication.  Tried of dealing with traditional doctors and tests,  I decided to take a different route, one of healing energy and I brought Kristin to see Cherri at Reconnective Healing.  Kristin did three sessions with Cherri. At first it didn’t seem like anything was happening but I am so happy to report that after a couple of months Kristin is off her medication, has grown 1 1/2 inches and gained 7 lbs.  I would recommend Cherri @ Reconnective Healing for anyone who might be having any unanswered health problems.
Brenda W.

Petaluma, CA

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