Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® must be experienced to be fully understood. It has some elements in common with other healing methods, but it is also a radically new and unique healing technique of its own. Reconnective Healing® works without touch, without drugs, without meditation or reciting phrases or any other treatment method you may be imagining. Indeed, this is an experience of physical, emotional, and spiritual proportions. When you receive Reconnective Healing®, you only need to lie down or relax as much as possible and let the healer interact with your internal energy. We may hold our hands just above your body, or we may focus on you from across the room. It’s a process of interacting with your frequencies from a distance to help you get attuned to new frequencies that you never knew existed. Traditional science did not even know these frequencies existed until recently. Most people need no more than 3 sessions of Reconnective Healing® to achieve maximum results. This is not a weekly treatment program or something you have to commit to for a lifetime. That’s because the benefits of Reconnective Healing® can be felt almost immediately and can last forever.


What is a session of Reconnective Healing® like?

reconnective-healing-santa-rosa-cherri-pedrioliWhile the session is taking place, people can feel all sorts of physical and mental sensations. Some may feel nothing at all during the treatment — and discover the healing benefits hours or days later. In fact, some people walk out the door feeling as though nothing changed, only to find that a condition or disorder has disappeared the next morning. During your visit, the practitioner works without touching your body. Instead, Reconnective Healing® uses frequencies. The practitioner works with the energies present in the room to affect frequencies that may be manifest in color, spiritual knowledge, physical sensations, and other unique reactions. Many patients report feelings of synesthesia — tasting a color or seeing a smell, for example. Others may witness angelic or spiritual visions or hear voices and music. Body temperature may rise and fall, tingling and other unexpected sensations may occur. In the end, it’s an experience of universal dimensions that provides a unique moment of healing for each person.

Who should seek Reconnective Healing®?

reconnective-healing-santa-rosa-californiaSimply put, any person of any age. Anyone seeking a new kind of method to relieve pain and stress, overcome an emotional issue or spiritual dilemma, or even find an answer to a disease that traditional medicine has failed to treat successfully. Reconnective Healing® has been found to cure illness, heal internal wounds, bring life-changing enlightenment, or simply relieve mild health problems that may have been plaguing you for a lifetime. Athletes have used Reconnective Healing® to unlock their inner potential and discover how to access new sources of strength, focus and recuperation. People with a clean bill of health from the doctor may find that Reconnective Healing® provides lasting, non-invasive solutions to the common ailments of stress, lethargy, and attention disorders. Everyone benefits from Reconnective Healing®. You do not need to be facing a serious medical condition to need this method of healing. The frequencies accessed through Reconnective Healing® help people find a new path of confidence, healthfulness, emotional intelligence, and spiritual awakening. In short, Reconnective Healing® provides benefits that may be difficult to describe — but will be felt profoundly for the rest of your life.

After dealing with doctors for several years, my daughter Kristin was unable to get any answers as to why she was not growing or gaining any weight. She developed anxiety due to do the stress and had to go on medication.  Tried of dealing with traditional doctors and tests,  I decided to take a different route, one of healing energy and I brought Kristin to see Cherri at Reconnective Healing.  Kristin did three sessions with Cherri. At first it didn’t seem like anything was happening but I am so happy to report that after a couple of months Kristin is off her medication, has grown 1 1/2 inches and gained 7 lbs.  I would recommend Cherri @ Reconnective Healing for anyone who might be having any unanswered health problems.
Brenda W.

Petaluma, CA

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