Christi Corradi

Mastering the Art of Life

Christi is a master at guiding others in transforming their lives in amazing ways.

She LOVES leading her clients in discovering and expressing their own personal inner Masterpiece, through her program Mastering the Art of Life –  bringing out the unique gift each one of us has – and sharing it with the world (even if it’s “just” your family and friends.)

She’s a paradigm-busting dynamo! And she infuses it with FUN!

With more than three decades in the personal growth field, Christi is certified as a Transformational Life Coach. She’s also an artist and Registered Art Therapist who works with groups and individuals using art, crafts and childlike play to uncover and heal hidden (subconscious) beliefs. Christi is a speaker who inspires her audiences with steps toward living their lives as a masterpiece. Although she lives in Santa Rosa, California, she has spoken all around the United States and Canada.

Christi is the creator of Mastering The Art Of Life, a yearlong life transforming program, Tangible Tools 4Success and the author of “The Creative Way in Five Minutes a Day”, a vision-driven program to awaken creative thinking with a daily practice,

Christi teaches Universal Laws and uses proven strategies that create results through helping stop self-doubt and fear, and develop personal faith, self-love, and confidence that will carry us toward bigger dreams and a more expansive business or personal life.

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