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Holistic Choices is an organization dedicated to providing communities with the knowledge, education, and opportunities to experience Alternative and Holistic Health Care services and products. Cherri Pedrioli founded Holistic Choices after her own personal experiences surrounding addiction, anxiety, depression, and suicide, she dedicates her life to learning and educating communities about the many Choices that do not replace Western Medicine but integrate beautifully to treat the whole body, mind, spirit and soul.

Some examples of Holistic Choices Inc. projects include: Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs and Choices Book Series- Each allows a unique way to discover the many modalities that are out there for you to explore on your healing journey.

After losing her home in the wildfires that devastated Sonoma County, CA, and burned down over 5,500 homes, Cherri co-founded the Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs.  She wanted people to know that they had choices about health care, both western and eastern, traditional and non-traditional, to help them recover from the emotional effects of the devastation. The health fairs have become an annual event and people are experiencing life-changing healing and recovery.

Holistic Choices Publishing, along with the Choices Book Series, is an ongoing compilation of individual authors’ stories of recovery. Cherri wants more and more people to know they have choices that enrich their lives in every way, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is important to let people know that they are not alone. These authors have walked the paths and are here today all because they explored their Choices.

Hi! I’m Cherri Pedrioli, and I am the creator of the Choices Book Series.

In 1997 my grandmother was diagnosed with Stage 2 lung cancer in mid-May. Her doctors put so much Fear into her, they told her that her only chance of survival was to be part of a clinical trial that need to start right away. Again diagnosed in mid-May, treatments started Mid-June and Died July 9th…Cause of death was suffocation. The treatment fried her lungs.
They failed to research her medical history- she was not a candidate for the trial because she had emphysema (what an over site)!

Losing my grandmother has lead me to research all Choices, not just Western Medicine. I have researched for myself and my loved ones because, for me, life is about living, and living it to the fullest, which meant I needed to find other solutions other than pharmaceuticals and surgery.

Fast forward 20 years, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 2 lung cancer. Once again, Fear came into play. The doctors told her that her only choice of survival was to remove the tumor. They did the surgery, took the tumor, part of the lung and 34 lymph nodes. No cancer was present in the lymph nodes. Now they tell her that her only chance to beat this is to have an aggressive round of chemotherapy. When I mentioned alternatives to chemo they shut me down by saying there is no facts that support my research even though I know different.

We have so many Choices that not only fight the diseases, but build our immune system. I am looking people who are serious about changing the lives of others, who are serious about delivering a wholeness aspect to health and wellness, and are serious about delivering compassionate care for their clients and patients. I am looking for people who are growing their business, looking to help more people, and to change more lives through education, collaboration and connection.

Cherri Pedrioli

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I would be so honored if you would consider being a part of my passion project, honoring my Grandmother and Mother. It is my mission to let my family, friends, clients, and anyone else know that they have Choices that should be explored before making life changing decisions. If my grandmother and mother had explored their CHOICES and not allow the Fear that their doctors put into them the outcome may have been very different.

I am looking forward to hearing your stories and welcome you to share them, along with other powerful experts! 

Cherri Pedrioli

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