Simon Emsley, PhD

Certified Energy Practitioner

Simon holds a PhD in Geophysics, specifically [micro-]seismology, he is not some woo-woo person expounding New Age beliefs; he blends the scientific with the spiritual. He has worked in industry applying geophysical methods globally since 1980. He predominantly used seismic exploration methods, a method that uses sound waves to investigate the sub-surface to locate oil and gas reserves. He now uses sound and light as therapeutic methodologies to help his Clients.

Simon started his exploration of the energetic arts in 2011 although he realised his abilities at an early age. Simon is an energy healer and one of the Founders of the Iaso Wellness Center. Simon is trained in multiple energy healing modalities. He is a Certified Crystal Light Table Practitioner, a Master Atlantean Healer and a certified Master Angelic Reiki practitioner. Simon uses the Crystal Light Table which uses Sound, Light [chromo], Magnetic and Crystal therapies to treat those with anxiety, stress and chronic issues such as pain. The application of sound therapy is a continuation of his work using sound waves; initially in exploration and now as a therapeutic methodology.

The Iaso Wellness Center was born out of a long held desire to establish a place to help others following many years of working in Corporate America in Oil and Gas. The center was founded by Merritt Smith and Simon Emsley, both scientists/geophysicists, who used sound waves to investigate the subsurface of the earth. We now use sound, light and crystal based techniques as therapeutic methods to help others. Simon is a Certified Crystal LIght Table Practitioner and Merritt is a Certified Colorpuncture Practitioner.

Our mission is to facilitate life changing transformation for our clients through our uniquely integrated approach to energy and vibrational therapeutic methods. Our focused techniques reboot the core coding of your energetic imprint and empower you to complete a life-changing transformation in how you see yourself and your life. We use vibrational energy methods and therapies to help reduce stress, anxiety and chronic issues such as pain. These issues can cause insomnia, issues at work including lack of productivity. These also affect your relationships and love; for yourself and others. Our life changing methods help reduce these issues balance your energy and life force so that you can live a more productive and fulfilling life. Our methods work on past and present issues and traumas so that you can create a fabulous future.

Our main services are:

  • Crystal LIght Table Therapy

  • Colorpuncture

  • Atlantean Healing

  • Angelic Reiki

  • Aromatherapy


You can contact Simon at For more information about Simon, the Iaso Wellness Center and the energy modalities available please visit

Iaso Wellness Center

801 7TH Street

Santa Rosa, CA. 95404

Phone: (707) 843 3811