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The Borges Experience
The Borges Experience

Diana Borges is an expert in releasing blockages and broadening perceptions so you can live a healthy and successful life. She empowers others with their innate knowledge and strength, allowing for self-healing, personal growth, and joy. With Diana’s guidance and her ability to move energy, her clients have had profound transformations by removing limiting beliefs, reconnecting to their hearts and souls, believing in themselves more and seeing beyond the day to day physical world.

Diana is a certified Life Purpose Coach, a certified HeartMath Institute Add Heart Facilitator, a certified tuning forks practitioner under The Biofield Tuning Institute, certified Tian Gong Celestial Palm Energy Healer, Reiki Master, dowser, speaker, author and Channeler. She is Co-President of the Santa Rosa Holistic Chamber of Commerce and one of the chapter’s founding members. She is also the founder of Whole Earth Hub, a platform that offers online panel discussions, earthly meditations and more.

Diana created Heart Access, a unique energetic modality. She has performed two experiments using live blood cells to evaluate the effectiveness of Heart Access on clients. The results showed a significant improvement in blood cell configurations after the healing sessions and that the session brought the client into coherence. The results of the experiments, including a video are presented on The Borges Experience website.

Diana is a creative and inspirational author and speaker.  She is co-author of Inspired Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain, scheduled to be published in September 2019 and is currently writing a spiritual fantasy novel.

Diana has a B.S. degree in Geology from the University of California, Davis, California. She has been a Registered Geologist in the State of California since 1994, primarily assisting in the physical healing of Earth by investigating and remediating contamination. She was President, and Partner of a successful environmental consulting firm for about 8 years. Prior to that, she was the Environmental Division Manager for a separate consulting firm for 13 years.

Diana knows first hand what it is like to be disconnected from the heart and soul, and the struggles of healing life traumas. In 2006, with her divorce final, a new job, and the purchase of her own home, she made the decision to heal her past, change some of the patterns in her life, and discover the purpose of her life. She realized that being human means experiencing all aspects of life and to trust a bigger picture unfolds for our greatest good.

In 2008, the door to Diana’s non-physical world was shattered and she knew there was no going back. During a body sensing exercise, energy flowed into her feet then up her legs. Being a scientist, she decided to explore and experiment with the energy instead of dismissing it. Through trial and error, she learned how to hold and move energy in ways that allows others to experience themselves and the world on a new energetic level.

It is through her practices and life experiences that Diana shifted her own limiting beliefs, obtained a greater understanding of the interactions between the physical and energetic worlds, learned how to channel energy to assist humanity and Earth, and developed her unique Heart Access. For more information about Diana and her work, go to BorgesExperience.com and WholeEarthHub.com. You can contact her at Diana@BorgesExperience.com. All events and meditations are posted on The Borges Experience Facebook page.

Regain Your Power

Be The Magnificent Person You Are Meant To Be

“I have had three sessions with Diana Borges and through those sessions she has been able to help me resolve issues that I have been carrying for a lifetime (and I am not a young woman). I have explored many healing modalities and worked with many practitioners in the past. Fortunately they have all helped as I moved through my process. But I had come to a place where certain issues had a vice like grip on me and weren’t budging. Diana using Biofield Tuning and her other talents and skills shifted that for me and helped me to experience a freedom that I had not known before. I could not help but be impressed and grateful. She is a focused and powerful practitioner who can address a wide scope of issues and I recommend her highly.”

 Phyllis B – Petaluma, CA 


“I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I saw Diana for a Heart Access Healing session but after she worked her magic I can say I was impressed – and calmed, grounded, clear – with her work. Between her expert use of the tuning forks and heart mediation, I left our session feeling light and free, and ready to step back into my power. As mom to a baby and business owner, I was tired and disconnected. Diana helped me regain energy and clarity, while inducing a calm, powerful and deeply meaningful reconnection to my self and higher power. My feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion were overcome with a sense of peace and gratitude, and a confidence that things are just the way they are meant to be. I believe this kind of healing experience is important for anyone interested in getting out of their busy mind and stepping into a more serene personal energy space. I will definitely be coming back for more; Diana works wonders!!!”

Noel W – Santa Rosa, CA

“I had an opportunity to do a one to one journey with Diana and it was a unique, powerful and eye opening experience. I have never come across this type of practice before but would recommend it to anyone looking to explore their connection and the expanded universe. I guess the best description is an out of body experience but at the same time I was fully grounded and aware, maybe a better way to say it is that I just became enormous as I filled the space following Diana’s voiced instructions. Everyone should try this exciting modality.”

Derek P – London, England

“I have received the profound gift of having Diana facilitate healing and energy work for me. She has performed Biofield Tuning sessions and a guided meditation for me. Each time, I came to Diana in a vulnerable emotional state, seeking some kind of reattunement with Spirit, and each time I came away with not only a calming, relaxed meditative feeling, but also support and guidance.  The energetic effects of these sessions continue to manifest for days afterward. The messages received during the sessions continue to resound in the days and weeks afterward until the listener is attuned to really receive them.  This is truly vibrational, energetic medicine facilitated by a healer in a safe space.  I would recommend Diana to anyone seeking a way to support their own body and mind in healing, or in awakening to a connection with Earth and Spirit.”

Sarah L – Windsor, CA