Patrice Fistor-Jaehnig

Reconnective Energy Healer

Patrice Fistor-Jaehnig

Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection-Certified Practitioner, Practitioner Mentoring, and Associate Instructor of The Reconnection®

I worked for over twenty-three years in the highly demanding legal system as a court reporter and experienced numerous health challenges. After seeking traditional medical care, I found myself miserable, depressed, and still in chronic pain even while using prescribed medications. By the end of 1999, I was done. I had to find another way to live.  I decided to find alternative ways to create a more healthful and balanced life. In February 2000, I was drawn to attend the first Reconnective Healing seminar taught by Dr. Eric Pearl, in San Francisco. During the seminar, I experienced a dramatic improvement in my scoliosis when I volunteered for a demonstration of Reconnective Healing by Eric. I was astounded. From that point on, life was never the same. I absolutely knew that I was meant to learn and share this incredible work. I had found my life path and the excitement for living and exploring and enjoying life that I had lost returned to me! Since late 2000, I’ve traveled to over 60 cities and 30 countries teaching and assisting at seminars to bring Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection to as many people on the planet as possible. I am honored to have shared this with thousands of people worldwide and to also serve my own community. I am facilitating my clients’ interaction with a comprehensive band of frequencies of energy, light and information which bring about the appropriate changes for the client at that time to more fully connect with their full potential and perfection.  Changes may occur on multiple levels – physical, mental emotional and spiritual. I currently have private practices in two locations located about an hour north of San Francisco in Santa Rosa and in Windsor, California.  I also offer distance healing. And this work isn’t just for humans, it works on animals and plants, too!

Please contact me for a free consultation and learn more about Reconnective Healing, as well as the two-session, once-in-a-lifetime process of The Reconnection.  Your future awaits and I await hearing from you!

Blessings, Patrice

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Here is a recent testimonial I received:

 I was tired of living in pain. I recently turned 60 years old. A twice broken great toe, a knee joint that needs replacing, degenerative disc disease, cervical issues, left hip that would not allow me to sleep, right shoulder damage from work along with ligament and tendon damage in my right thumb and arthritic joints in my hands. These issues have gone on for years. Surgeries, therapies, time off work I can’t afford. A month ago, I would have to stand slowly when getting out of bed then take the first few steps to see how bad the day might be. I would have to limp around for a while to get things loosened up. By the end of a work day I would be pretty worn out. The hip was so bad for the last couple of months I couldn’t sleep. I’ve had cortisone shots in it every six months or so for the last eight years 
I did the three sessions with Patrice then the Reconnection. By the second day I realized the ligament and tendon damage, my shoulder and arthritic joints in my other hand had seemed to have disappeared. Full range of motion in each without discomfort. By day three my knee felt no discomfort at all, and my left hip quit bothering me and I was able to actually get a night’s sleep. Now in the morning when I get up, I stand up straight and tall without even the slightest twinge in my lower back hip or knee. No more limping around. With the exception of the twice broken toe that still is bothersome now and then I feel like I did almost twenty years ago. Energy, vitality, stamina all returning. I waited a month to write this to be sure. 
I’m a skeptic to be sure so I did my research beforehand. I continue to be happily surprised every morning at how wonderful it is to be pain free or nearly so. We have all heard the phrase that if you do something you love you will never work another day in your life. When you see Patrice for the first time you will see someone living it. The smile will never leave her face. You couldn’t be in better hands that don’t even touch you. She is a dear sweet soul. And you will also witness the unconditional love and acceptance that is part of the healing itself. I see that face in my mind and I smile with her.