Holistic Choices


* You’ve exhausted what Western Medicine has to offer

* You’re done with the side effects of medication

* You’re tired of medical band aids

*You’ve been stuck long enough

*Your anxiey and depression are getting worse

*You’re curious about what else is out there

*You’re ready to make the Choice to get your Life Back

Holistic Choices Inc was created to help others access the full range of Choices in Alternative and Holistic Health Care.



Cherri Pedrioli is the Founder of Holistic Choices Inc., an Organization dedicated to providing the knowledge, education, and opportunities for people to experience Alternative and Holistic Health Care products and services. The intent of the organization is to empower others to live a healthy and conscious lifestyle and be part of a thriving community by understanding the many Choices that are available for us. Some examples of Holistic Choices Inc. projects include Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs and the Choices Book Series.

Holistic Choices, Inc

Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs