Virtual Sonoma Strong Healing Fair Replays

Replays of the 2020 Virtual Sonoma Strong Healing Fair are available on our YouTube channel. The list of presentations available are listed below. Please click on the link to watch.

 Presentations Available for View on YouTube


Presenter’s Name Treatment/Talk Offered Presenter’s Name Treatment/Talk Offered
Ben Schwarcz EFT Tapping Diana Borges Heart Access Talk/Journey
Linda Mechner Key Nutritional Strategies For Resilient Health Ruth Dreier Pilates Abdominal Toning
Sue Wilhite Tuning Forks Ingrid Auer Healing Angel Symbols
Diana Ikola Heart Coherence Guidance Terri Moon Use and Application of Essential Oils
Marjorie Favuzzi EFT Tapping Amy Conner Intuition and Life Coaching
Kathleen Aspenns Flower Essence Beryl Ryan EFT Tapping
Juliet Carrillo Angelic Reiki Meditation  Petra Heveroch Intuitive Drawing Workshop
Amanda Slade and Aimée Lyndon-Adams The Uncertainty of COVID-19, Transform Your Fear & Create More Line Doucet-Virtual Fitness 1 Fitness Workout by BioMechanics Specialist
Elizabeth Smith Yoga for Kids Jacob Dietrich Healing Your Relationship with Money
Daciana Iancu, MD Holistic Overview of COVID-19: Prevention and Management Deirdre Leighton Techniques to Reduce Stress + Meditation
Deborah Myers Jin Shin Jytsu Acupressure Dr. Michelle Dexter Releasing the Body’s Secrets: Cranial Acupressure
Lori Rhoades Biofield Tuning Thorton Streeter, DSc The Science of Healing
Dottie Shields EFT Tapping-Psychic Tapping Panel Quick Tips for Releasing
Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. Presentation on the Chakras with PowerPoint Cherri Pedrioli Reconnective Healing

… The dedication and support for the community touched my heart. This fair touches so many people impacted by the fire. The support given from the heart makes a difference where we come together as a community to heal and thrive. The people who organized and managed the fair were professional and committed to it happening in a good way. I am very grateful to them.

Kerani Marie L