My journey with Cherri started in 2012. I was going through chemo and having some issues with just being able to relax. I am not sure if she had done long distance healing before that day or not..  You see I live in Idaho. We set up a time and believe you me, I was so ready. My experience was so relaxing and releasing all that feeling of anxiety. My next few sessions with Cherri were in person. With even stronger results. My body is so relaxed i actually float, that is gods truth. My next need for Cherri was on Sept. 8th of 2014. I was having a very scary surgery done on my brain. I contacted Cherri. I told her when my time on the table would be, noon. As always she would be there ( long distance) for me… So go figure my surgery gets bumped to 4:00. No way to get ahold of Cherri. Well my surgery went so well, the surgeon was in awe. He told me he was amazed how everything went with out one bump in the road. The next day I found out why. My sister called me from CA and said ” Cherri was feeling bad cause something came up and she was not able to be with me in a session till around 4″. I then told her about my time change. I am for ever grateful to Cherri. I healed so fast from my surgery i was back to work in 3 weeks. The doctors still talk about it and my ” long distance healer “.

Cheryl J. ~ Marsing Id


After dealing with doctors for several years, my daughter Kristin was unable to get any answers as to why she was not growing or gaining any weight. She developed anxiety due to do the stress and had to go on medication.  Tired of dealing with traditional doctors and tests,  I decided to take a different route, one of healing energy and I brought Kristin to see Cherri at Reconnective Healing.  Kristin did three sessions with Cherri. At first it didn’t seem like anything was happening but I am so happy to report that after a couple of months Kristin is off her medication, has grown 1 1/2 inches and gained 7 lbs.  I would recommend Cherri @ Reconnective Healing for anyone who might be having any unanswered health problems.

Brenda W. ~ Petaluma Ca


Hi Cherri, I wanted to let you know what happened since my last treatment from you.

  1. My energy level has zoomed way up.
  1. I actually without thinking about it at the time walked ahead of Howie with the shopping cart in the grocery store, when I got home I realized I was continually walking ahead of him, not holding his arm. WOW!! I keep thinking this is just too good to be true, and each time I notice or am aware of some difference, I look back and re think how I felt and how I staggered etc. unsure of walking alone. I have not used my neuropathy pain cream since your visit. I have not taken any supplements that I bought that claim to help with neuropathy symptoms. I am testing myself constantly to see the small changes in my daily living and feelings.

The changes are subtle, so I wanted to let time pass before I reported to you.

Jean M. ~ Redding Ca


A few years ago, I had an extremely low energy level which left me pushing myself to accomplish daily tasks.  I went to Cherri for a session and she was able to free my blocked energy.  I could feel her energy work and it was amazing. Soon after the session I regained my normal level of energy and was so grateful.
I highly recommend her.

animal-healing-birdWe were camping at the coast and this bird was resting on the beach.  We could walk right up to it and it didn’t fly off.  I thought something was wrong with it so I asked you to do some healing .  We could see the bird reacting to the energy.  It didn’t act afraid still!  After a phone call we had to go attend to your daughter, who was going into labor, back at the campsite.  Later that day I went back to check on the bird and it had flown away.  I think you gave the bird the energy it needed!

Susan Z.


Cherri did a remote healing on my eye when I was looking at having a big surgery that would require at least a month off work to recover. I’m not sure how it works, but, she (out of the kindness of her heart) did something that night for me and I woke up the next morning and the problem was literally gone. Folks, a retina does not reattach itself. That just doesn’t happen. Cherri will help you! Not because she wants to be rich or famous, because she, from the bottom of her heart, legitimately cares for people.

Joe P.

Cherri has done amazing energy and healing with me for many areas of my life. If I feel stuck, unable to make decisions,, low energy I make an appointment and I always get clarity and direction for issues
My latest experience is When I was diagnosed with cancer and had to do chemo. Chemo can make you sick and have zero energy. For most of my infusions I had sessions with Cherri. I was able to get through with very little side effects and actually thrived! I’m healthy and happy!

Robert W.

Still life about zen balance and spa.

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