Share Your Story.

Inspire Others.

Gain Credibility.

Become a Business Celebrity and Author!

Compilation books are the fastest and easiest way to become an author and amplify your visibility, impact, income and brand.

To kick-start your life as an author, all you need to do is to write JUST ONE chapter in a book!

You’ll position yourself as an expert in your field and have podcasts, magazines and blogs clamoring to feature you.

Sound too simple?

Well, it’s just that easy.

Compilation books are a first step to becoming an author quickly when you don’t have enough time to write an entire book or find a publisher. 




~Get New Clients, Customers or Patients

~Increase Revenue

~Enhance Credibility

~Land Speaking Engagements

~Creates Opportunities For Media Exposure

The Choices Compilation Book Series is a
series of
powerful books to inspire people to
take charge and make those impactful choices
that will transform, enhance
and change
their lives for the better.

The INTENTION of the Choices Book Series is to:

~Inspire Readers – to learn that they have Choices in their lives.

~Share Powerful Stories – for healing and transformation.

~Enhance Our Authors’ Credibility– as experts in their industry.

~Amplify – authors, their businesses and brands through the promotion and marketing of the book.

~Increase Revenue – for the author through sales of the book, and leveraging the book to promote new clients and speaking opportunities.

“Becoming an author in a compilation book, alongside other inspirational authors and experts, changed my life! Not only was the process transformational for me personally, but it gave me credibility.”  Sue Brooke.

Sue Brooke

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Business/Marketing Strategist

Are YOU ready to become an author?