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Global Resiliency Takes Community

When we rely on our tribe for support, the process through is easier.

Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs are annual events that bring together community and holistic/alternative healing methods, products and information to assist others with their healing process. The first free Sonoma Strong Healing Fair was held on December 9, 2017 to assist Sonoma County and the surrounding areas with recovery from the October 2017 wildfires and other traumas. Treatments such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, B-12 shots, energy healing, coaching and more were offered during the event. Since 2017, free healing fairs have been held in-person, in Sonoma County or online. Additional in-person healing fairs and Virtual Global Healing Summits are currently being planned. Everyone is invited to attend the Healing Fairs and Summits.


Our Mission

The mission of Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs is to provide communities with opportunities to experience alternative and holistic services and products, and to assist them with their healing process. To provide education on available Alternative and Holistic Choices and knowledge to choose healthy lifestyles.


Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs is part of Holistic Choices Inc, a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing the knowledge, education, and opportunities for people to experience Alternative and Holistic Health Care services and products. The intent of the organization is to empower others to live a healthy and conscious lifestyle and be part of a thriving community by understanding the many Choices that are available. Some examples of Holistic Choices Inc projects include Sonoma Strong Healing Fairs and the Choices Book Series.


Your tax deductable donations are greatly appreciated. Your donations will help us continue to provide free Healing Fairs, Education and Compilation Books in Alternative and Holistic Health Care.

The 2018 Sonoma Strong Healing Fair was an event filled with peace, harmony, and love which benefited everyone coming through the doors of the Veterans Building. Laughter, quiet talk and heartfelt sharing dominated the day, with many folks lined up to partake of the various healing modalities offered. I loved offering my work as a hypnotherapist; everyone I met was gracious, so appreciative and warmly appreciative of my offering – and this attitude of love and grace seemed to be the theme of the day. It was a huge success! People didn’t seem to want to leave at the end of the day, for it was a truly healing event.”

Gail R