Thanks to its enigmatic origin, cancer, has baffled many scientists for decades. It inspires different desperate searches for cures from both modern medicine and alternative cancer treatments. Today, many practitioners boast of healing cancer using different alternative cancer treatments and energy therapies. While many are indeed misleading, Reconnective Healing® has proven to have far better results in comparison.

However, you should note that Reconnective Healing® does not purport to heal cancer completely. It is hard to explain succinctly what Reconnective Healing® is and how it works; instead, it is easier to clarify what it is not. It is not a scientific method nor a modality, it is not a therapy nor a treatment, and it does not diagnose. However, it has been proven to be more efficient at healing various side effects of cancer treatments such as radiation when compared to other alternative cancer treatments.

Using Reconnective Healing® to Manage Side Effects of Cancer

Reconnective healing® is a three-way process that involves a practitioner, recipient, and the universe (source). Its healings are often instantaneous and last a lifetime. During this unique and technique-less method, you are put in a calm and relaxed state as your practitioner tries to connect you to the universal energy source.

Unlike many alternative cancer treatments, the healing process of Reconnective Healing® is the same irrespective of what ails you. Additionally, you only require between one and three sessions. This unique healing technique occurs emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Recipients often report that many of their side effects caused by cancer and its treatments (chemotherapy or radiation) are gone immediately after the session. Others report feeling better the morning after their session proving the efficacy of this treatment.

Unlike other alternative cancer treatments. Reconnective Healing® involves tapping into the energy and light frequencies that surround you. It tends to heal a myriad of other physiological and psychological conditions that may or may not be directly related to your cancer or its treatment.

Reconnective Healing® corrects your body’s imbalances at a cellular level, more so, after undergoing chemotherapy. It has been proven to repair and restructure human DNA in a process that still baffles medical specialists to date. A single session can be so powerful that ultimately, it may be all that you or your loved one needs to get better, unlike other repetitive therapies and alternative cancer treatments.

Why Choose Reconnective Healing® Over Other Alternative Cancer Treatments

Reconnective Healing® ultimately transcends technique as well as its limitations. It alleviates pain, depression, exhaustion, insomnia, and other serious maladies. Although it has not been proven to cure cancer, it can indeed reduce the harmful side effects caused by treatments and highly intrusive medication.

Reconnective Healing® works even over long distances. It uses a quantum energy field that is present at any point on earth. Your practitioner can hold a session miles and even continents apart from you. Amazingly, many distant recipients often report perceiving intense energy as if their practitioner were with them in the room. Energy and frequencies are multi-dimensional, thus, do not recognize space or time constraints.

Today, many people living with cancer are ready to try anything that may help ease their cancer symptoms and side effects, including alternative cancer treatments. When cancer makes you very ill and feels like you have minimal control over your general health, seeking alternative cancer treatments like Reconnective Healing offers relief against your side effects. Reconnective Healing® removes your blocks to wholeness while restoring you to your natural state of balance and harmony. Contact us today for more information.