When it comes to finding quality medical care, it can be difficult to decide the best route for you and the people who matter the most. In the past decade, many people have chosen to abandon traditional Western medicine in favor of contemporary and alternative energy healing techniques. Both treatment practices can help heal illness, general pain, and even chronic conditions, such as cancer, and ease the side effects from intrusive procedures. The primary difference is that alternative energy healing focuses on treating the individual’s physical, spiritual, and mental being, while western medicine focuses on pathology and curing disease. If you are seeking an alternative to traditional medicine, or would like to learn more about alternative healing energy, this guide will introduce you to the treatment practices that are changing the way people approach medical care.

Alternative Energy Healing Practices

alternative energy healing

Reiki Healing

This form of alternative energy healing originated in Japan but has been adapted to various cultures around the world. Reiki healing is based on the belief that the body can naturally heal itself, once the energy in the body is restored to its healthiest state. This gentle and healing method of alternative healing energy works with the universal life force that flows within the human body. When the life force is disrupted, our organs and vital functions are depleted, leading to a variety of negative symptoms in the body. Reiki works with the energy fields and recharges them with positive energy. Practitioners of this type of alternative energy healing achieve this through palm or “hands-on” placement directly on the patient’s body. Reiki therapy is used to treat chronic physical problems, as well as emotional and spiritual distress.

Reflexology Healing

Another popular form of alternative healing energy employs the use of pressure to particular areas of the hands, feet, or ears. These reflex points are directly correlated to different system and organs and the pressure applied is believed to improve the area, as well as the individual’s general health. Reflexology is perfect for people who are looking for alternative treatments to medicine, or other invasive therapies. Using this method of alternative healing energy can improve a variety of conditions including, cancer, diabetes, asthma, and has been linked with an improved respiratory function in breast cancer.

Reconnective Healing

The next alternative healing energy method is similar in some effects to other therapies but is a new technique. Reconnective healing requires no medications, imaging, meditation, or invasive treatments. In fact, this alternative energy healing requires absolutely no touch at all. The process involves working with the frequencies in your body to reharmonize your physical, spiritual, and emotional energy. Anyone can seek this alternative energy healing treatment for pain relief, common ailments, stress relief, and even spiritual problems.

These are just a few of the many contemporary alternative energy healing therapies available that utilize alternative healing energy to cure the mind, body, and spirit. Seeking alternative energy healing treatments allows you more control over your healthcare, and ensures that your treatment concerns are heard. Regardless of the method you choose, alternative medicine is an ideal choice for individuals who are looking for a safe, natural, and non-invasive approach to health care. Contact us for more information.