When you think of alternative healing and health practices, they essentially refer to different treatment options aside from the conventional methods taking the world by storm. Despite the significant advances in medical discovery and treatment, a rising number of patients have deemed it necessary to different treatment options in an attempt to escape various side effects associated with modern treatment. After all, you are entitled to seek different a different treatment if the current remedy doesn’t suit you.

Reconnective Healing®

Alternative HealingReconnective Healing® is widely considered to be a leading alternative treatment gaining an impressive reputation among patients both locally and beyond. However, it’s in your best interest as a patient to fully understand the procedure before proceeding with the remedy. In essence, Reconnective Healing® conventionally possesses similar healing elements with its counterparts, but with distinct healing abilities of its own. Unlike its competitors, this treatment option operates without medication, drugs, recital phrases or even touch. Basically, Reconnective Healing® requires patients to adopt a relaxed state of body and mind by lying down and interacting with their inner energy. For starters, you could hold your hands above your body while inducing relaxation immediately.

This process ensures that you interact with frequencies previously unknown even by modern science until recently. In most cases, patients need a maximum of three sessions before significant changes can be experienced.

What Takes Place During a Reconnective Healing® Session?

As a session is in place, you might experience different mental and physical sensations depending on your area of focus. Some hardly feel any significant changes during the procedure and later on report on the various healing benefits experienced. During consultation, your practitioner will offer medical services without touching any body organ. Instead, they will focus on channeling energy frequencies present in the room into effective sources of treatment. Most patients have reported various feelings such as tasting certain smell or seeing specific colors. Better yet, others reported seeing spiritual versions or hearing distinct voices hardly heard by other people. As such transformations occur, you might feel tingling sensations or experience a rise and fall in body temperatures.

Who Should Pursue RReconnective Healing®?

Any patient of any age is at liberty to seek Reconnective Healing® to alleviate various disorders plaguing them. From physical pain to overcoming emotional stress, Reconnective Healing® has cemented its status as a reliable source of treatment. Unknown to most people, Reconnective Healing® has successfully cured various illnesses by promoting life-changing transformations by healing internal wounds and creating a sense of enlightenment and joy to patients. According to verified sources, athletes have been known to discover their inner potential and harness their new strength to promote efficiency.

Other Forms of Alternative Healing

Distant healing: With ties to Reconnective Healing®, distant healing operates in the principle of channeling frequencies through light energy irrespective of your location. In essence, distance healing requires the adoption of frequencies outside our normal physical experiences to achieve desired results.

Animal healing: Animal healing mainly focuses on interactions with pets and animal farms who are assured of physical and behavioral transformations. Through animal healing, pets can obtain treatment for chronic illness and erratic behavior. The treatment relies on the accelerated journey by using touch-free techniques to establish a connection between the mind the body.


In summary, alternative healing practices have become a force to reckon with in medical therapy. If you intend on seeking new options free from side effects, then don’t hesitate to consult a licensed alternative healing practitioner.