The human body can go into age reverse mode by engaging in energy healing techniques like Reconnective Healing®. Taking a look at how the body responds to specific natural treatments will help give an understanding on how you can enhance your well-being. Many side effects like aches and pains have their root in the brain process that can be affected by your emotions and mental attitude. While mechanics of such mind, body and soul links are being unraveled, the truth is that your emotions and thoughts play a role in your experience with physical side effects such as pain. For example, meditation seems to work for pain relief. This is attributed to the fact that it decreases brain activity in your primary somatosensory cortex. It is the area that assists in creating the feeling of how and where a painful stimulus is.

Laughter releases endorphins that enable brain receptors that produce euphoria and pain-killing effects making it a good pain relief. With this in mind, there are ways you can use to balance your mind, body and soul to get relief from medication side effects or other unhealthy issues with your body. Alternative healing techniques for vitality:

Mind Body and SoulProgressive Muscle Relaxation

PMR is known as progressive muscle relaxation and it is achieved by relaxing and tensing all the main muscle groups from head to toe (one at a time). You have the ability to disengage your body’s fight-or-flight defense by learning the difference between relaxation and tension. The fight-or-flight response of your body underlies most stress, depression and pain.

Hypnosis for Pain Management

A trance-like state in which a person experiences heightened concentration and focus is known as hypnosis. By altering your emotional responses to your thoughts and body’s pain signals it is able to reduce pain. You will not relinquish control of yourself while under hypnosis, which is contrary to popular belief. However, the process renders you more open to suggestion from a hypnotherapist.

Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® is the best kept secret that can help you get your mind, body and soul on the road to recovery. This form of healing has the ability to bring balance through the use of energy, light and information. Reconnective Healing® masters this and many people have seen the benefits through the use of this type of healing. Therapy sessions aim at realigning one’s body mind and soul which is highly critical if you are to treat the entire body holistically.

The Bottom Line

Balancing your mind, body and soul can be done and it is the only way to obtain optimal health naturally.  Reconnective Healing® focuses on eradicating the root of the problem rather than attempt to treat only the symptoms.  Contact us for more information.