Suffering from a life-threatening illness like cancer awakens the importance and value of life in a person. As a patient, you get to examine life in a deeper perspective. You get to search for meaning; the only positive influence cancer has on a patient. Don’t you fear death? You worry about what kind of legacy you’ll get to leave behind. What you want to do with the time left occupies every inch of your mind. The only thing that matters to you is the quality and not the quantity of life.

Cancer TreatmentFor many cancer patients, better quality life holds a different meaning. Whatever your meaning, what matters is the fact that, what you got figured out is meaningful to you. But cancer, the process, and the after-treatment come along with side effects that hinder you from enjoying a quality life. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to go through the treatment.

Statistics in medicine indicate that, as you go through cancer treatment, your well-being gets to change with time. Quality of life events should get incorporated as survival tactics. Luckily, an integrative approach has been known to work best in boosting the patient’s stamina, quality of life, and strength through evidence-informed therapies.

How Do Integrative Care Work?

The process takes place in two phases. First, conventional treatment gets applied to attack the disease. Then evidence-informed therapies are used to help curb side effects from conventional medicine or cancer itself. The two processes, when delivered by experienced clinicians simultaneously get referred to as integrative cancer care. The main side effects of cancer and its treatment are:

Stress and anxiety

The treatment implications and clinical jargon you have to digest leaves you scared, confused, overwhelmed and emotional. You get to :

•    Worry about your future

•    Fear of the unknown

•    Worry about your family

•    Travel daily for treatment or therapy

•    Concerned about your inability to work

Unfortunately, the above side effects also lead to:

•    Muscle aches and tension

•    Depression

•    Lack of concentration

•    Bowel and stomach problems

•    Sexual dysfunction

•    Fatigue

•    Lack of appetite

Though it’s normal that, with cancer diagnosis you get to be stressed and anxious, interventional therapies offer the much-needed relief. Different integrative oncology methods have gotten known to relieve stress and anxiety. But Dr. Eric Pearl, with his discovery; Reconnective Healing®, is a game changer. The treatment is known not only to combat stress and anxiety but also amazingly heal cancer.

About Reconnective Healing®

The healer begins the process by accessing the available energy, information, and light with an aim to regenerate and return to an optimal balanced state in:

•    Physical

•    Emotional

•    Mentally

•    Spiritually

Reconnective Healing® can get termed as:

•    Source

•    Wholeness

•    Palpable

Vibrational shifts get to happen in every of your cells. Your DNA gets to change. Together with the healer, you begin to emit light at higher levels. Both your lives become balanced and coherent.

Only a session of Reconnective Healing® gets offered, but you get allowed to book for two more sessions depending on the complexity of your problem. Unlike integrative services, this stunning treatment isn’t therapy. You get healed. Since healing is a change, you get to experience something different.

Especially after your third session, you get to notice the shift, either in mental, emotional, or physical level. Reconnective Healing® is free-form; the healer only acts as a catalyst. The treatment has not only improved the quality of life in cancer patients but has also brought hope in bringing down cancer. Contact us for more information.