Distance healing, which is also called absent healing, bio-energy healing, and remote healing, occurs when the recipient is not present when the practitioner actually initializes the healing process. The practice of distance healing is quickly gaining momentum as an essential component of basic medicine and practiced by spiritual leaders, lay people, and even health professionals.

The basic premise of distance healing is that humans are more than just their physical bodies; instead, every person also has an energy body, made up of the:

• Meridians (energy pathways)

Chakras (energy centers)

Aura (energy field)

How Does Distance Healing Work?

distance healingSimilar to a person’s physical body, which takes in food for nourishment, the energy body takes in energy through the aura, which is broken into chakras and then distributed throughout the entire body by way of the meridians. Also, energy vibrates at various frequencies or speeds, which creates a field of vibrations or pulsations. These are felt through touch, both perceived and sensed. The spirit, emotions, mind, and body all vibrate at different speeds or frequencies.

The Four Energy Layers

There are four basic energy levels, each having its function while still interconnecting with the others. As a result the “four levels of being” or four energy levels, correspond to a person’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical self:

• Spiritual Field: Activated when a person prays or meditates. Comprised of four or more layers and extends between six inches and two feet away from a person’s physical body. This relates to a person’s higher self and spiritual dimensions.

• Mental Field: Made up of a person’s mental processes and thoughts and perceived between three and eight inches away from the body.

• Emotional Field: Extends between one and three inches past they physical body where a person experiences feelings.

• Etheric Field: This is the “duplicate” of the physical body and located a quarter of an inch to two inches away from the body.

Long Distance Healers

Distance healing is a process that transcends space and time. Distance healers utilize bio-energy to bring to mind the intent of healing. By perceiving energetic information from the recipient’s “duplicate” physical body, the process can help to provide relief, normalize body functions, heal various conditions, provide balance, and cleanse some issues and symptoms, which include headaches, stress, high blood pressure, and pain. As a result, vital energy and balance are brought into the recipient’s physical body, restoring depleted energy levels.

Benefits Offered by Distance Healing

For many, distance healing is something they invest quite a bit of belief, time, and money into to feel better. The practice of distance healing offers numerous benefits, which include:

• Healing that occurs at any time and from any location

• You choose a professional from anywhere in the world, regardless of where you are

• There is no need to travel, or even leave your home

• It is a proven and powerful form of healing for your spirit, body, and mind

• Offers a strong element of privacy

• Helps to restore your depleted energy levels

• Ideal for you if you are sensitive or intolerant to the touch of another person

Some of the most common types of distance healing include Reiki, Chios energy healing, Tong Ren, Amadeus, and Quantum Touch. Contact us for more information.