Dr. Eric Pearl – The Man Behind Reconnective Healing®

Traditional medicine has attempted over the years to come up with solutions to chronic diseases like cancer, cerebral palsy and diabetes among others. It has been difficult to permeate these complex barriers due to the continuous use of the same old treatment practices and the myriads of limitations and beliefs surrounding medicine.

However, over the years, more people are stepping out of the box to explore new and unique healing methods. One such method that is being embraced is Reconnective Healing®. Dr. Eric Pearl, a prominent chiropractor, was able to discover a way that is not intrusive and makes use of innate forces to bring about the complete healing of even the most complex chronic diseases.

Reconnective Healing® is structured to work without implementing the use of drugs, continuously reciting ‘ohms’ and ‘umhs’ in the name of recitation and meditation as well. Dr. Pearl centers this healing method on interacting and working with your internal energy to bring about a natural state of harmony, newer and healthier frequencies and an intrinsic semblance of balance.

What is Reconnective Healing® ?

Reconnective Healing®The body is made up of energetic frequencies and points that connect each person to the universe and its inhabitants. The core element of the frequencies is energy which is the essence of what your body is made up of. Experts in the scientific field describe energy as the primary core of your physical being.

Reconnective Healing® seeks to return your body to an ideal state of balance. This usually happens when the frequencies in your body entwine the positive ones around you including energy and light.

How Dr. Eric Pearl Reinforces Reconnective Healing®

Dr. Eric Pearl was initially working as a seasoned professional in the chiropractic field. He was enjoying the perks of having a vast client list which included a lifetime of travel and the best things that money could accord. On a trip with his assistant in Venice Beach, he was prompted to attend a card reading. Despite being skeptical about the authenticity of this venture and not wanting to splurge a whole ten dollars on the reading, Dr. Pearl acted out of mere politeness and went for it.

To date, he marks this experience as an eye-opening one and the fundamental foundation of his Reconnective Healing® practice. Through the card reader and a copious amount of research, Dr. Pearl discovered the axiatonal lines that regenerate the body’s pinnacle with the universe and its core elements. The reading introduced him to a world of energy and light which inspired a positive and healthier feeling in his body.

When you book a session with Dr. Pearl, you are likely to be allocated three sessions with regard to the extent of healing that you need. Reconnective Healing® embodies some of the principles of traditional healing. It does not explore your symptoms, give a diagnosis or use the theory of therapy or treatment that only inspires a placebo effect which is a temporary solution. Dr. Eric Pearl holds his hands over your body and utilizes the frequencies that are present in the room. This helps your body to acclimatize with a new wave of frequencies that your body was not aware of before.

The effects experienced after the sessions are instantly rejuvenating and experienced for an extended period. The concept behind Reconnective Healing® is to reorganize the DNA in your body by entraining the body to vibrate at a higher level of frequency. This translates to greater levels of energy and substantially an optimal state of balance and general well-being.  Contact us for more information.