The health of your mind and body is one of the most important aspects of your life. There’s nothing more nerve wracking than facing an unexplained health concern, or feeling like you’ve tried every medication without success. While a traditional approach to medicine can help, the unique nature of individual health means that Western medicine often leaves people to slip through the cracks. There is no one formula to cure everyone – that’s why reconnective energy healing aims to join each individual to a universal frequency. The revolutionary method offers a place for anyone, regardless of your medical history. Through Reconnective Healing®, you can find a way to heal by discovering your place of balance in the universe.

Energy Healing

What is Reconnective Energy Healing?

In its simplest form, reconnective energy healing helps you to join your own internal energy to that of the world around you. It works without any medications, speech, or physical contact – the healer uses frequencies in the room to connect to your energy. The focus lies in three particular frequencies: the meridian lines in the human body, the corresponding lines in the planet, and the grid of universal energy. By connecting you to these frequencies, your healer acts as a catalyst for an exchange of information between your body and the energy around you.

The Reconnective Energy Healing Experience

One of the benefits of energy healing is that it offers an alternative to the invasive procedures of Western medicine. Your healer simply holds their hands over your body, and focuses the surrounding energies in the room. They may stand over you or even work from a distance to access different frequencies. The effects of a Reconnective Healing® session are unique to each individual, but all share the characteristics of energy healing through harmony. You may experience a change immediately, or you may discover you feel different hours or even days after your healing. Sometimes you may not feel any physical difference at all, except that your unanswered health concerns have entirely faded away. As your body aligns with the frequencies around you, you are brought into balance with the universe as your body and mind begin to heal themselves.

Is Reconnective Healing® Right for You?

At the heart of energy healing is the principle that it can benefit everyone, no matter your body, age, or health concerns. Reconnective Healing® helps you recover from major health challenges, as well as strengthening your energy to provide relief from everyday stress.

Many seek Reconnective Healing® to help them through difficulties in mental health, including attention disorders and high levels of stress and anxiety. The calming nature of the healing brings your mind into balance as well as your body, offering a new and enlightening source of information.

Others choose Reconnective Healing® to provide relief from physical conditions that traditional medicine has been unable to solve. Whether it is chronic pain, illness, or the side effects of other forms of medical treatment, energy healing can overcome health issues that have plagued your entire life. The reconnection heals both the mind and body, and the effects of one session can often be felt for a lifetime. No matter the nature of your health concern, Reconnective Healing® can help you return to harmony and balance.

Energy healing connects your internal frequencies to the universe that surrounds you, and provides relief for your mind and body by bringing you into harmony. There are no invasive treatments or medications, and the healing approach can uncover the solution to any unique problem. Contact us for more information.