Energy Healing is the arrival at an optimal place of balance. It is the outcome of interacting with the comprehensive Energy Healing range of frequencies consisting light, energy and information. Its primary essential element is energy. Energy takes up your existence; it’s all you are made up of naturally, your spirit and your physical body. Light is the character and communication contained by these frequencies linking you and the universe.

Energy HealingInformation comes from the interaction with the light and energy. It’s concrete, quantifiable you can, in fact, feel it. Energy healing teaches you how to access and recognize your relationship with this Energy Healing Frequencies. The Reconnection is a hastened substitute of the light, energy, and information created in the Energy Healing Frequencies. It is an attentive formation to connect three structures:

  • The planet ley lines
  • The human body meridian lines
  • The entire energy grid

As scientists carry on with studies of how this healing works, it has been established and recognized in several general types of research. When Energy Healing Frequencies combine with your body energy, you release and quiver at a high level of light. It restructures your DNA, resulting in the release of visibly high amounts of biophotonic light. Stanford Professor Dr. William Tiller cites that when information passed through the Energy Healing Frequencies is established, it creates unity and order. In simpler terms, the superior harmony and stability found within you.

Energy Healing should be experienced to be entirely understood. It is a drastically new and exclusive healing method of its kind. It does not require physical touch, drugs, meditation or citing phrases or other known treatment method. Certainly, this is an emotional experience of spiritual and physical proportions.

Once you receive healing, you must be relaxed in a sleep position and let the healer relate with your inner energy. The healer may hold his hands over your body, or have you as his focal point from a distance. It’s a method of networking with your frequencies to help you get in sync to new frequencies you have never experienced before.

Energy Healing Session Experiences

While the session takes place, people feel mixed mental and physical vibrations. Some may initially have no sense during the treatment and notice the therapeutic benefits much later. During your session, the physician does not come into contact with your body. Instead, the healer channels the energies present in the area to influence frequencies that may manifest in spirit, color, physical sensations, and other distinctive reactions.

Patients testify feeling synesthesia utilizing their senses to feel, see and smell. Others see spiritual visions or hear voices and sometimes music. Body temperature varies accompanied by mixed sensations. The experience of universal reactions provides an exclusive moment of therapy for every person.

Who should try to find Energy Healing?

Women seeking new remedies to ease pain or stress or to conquer dark emotional problems and spiritual entanglements should try it. Energy Healing is known to illuminate life-changing moments, or merely relieve health troubles that have plagued you for a long time.

Energy healing is a unique experience that takes you into a timeless coordination of intelligence. It totally exceeds traditional healing practices as it lets you release the notion and approach of the system itself. It is not a healing nor a remedy, as it does not dwell on warning signs. It is much deeper than that. Energy Healing does not make a diagnosis or treat. It is a simple interaction with the Energy Frequencies, rousing therapies often thought as immediate and likely to be permanent.  Contact us at Reconnect Mind Body and Soul for more information.