Energy healing is practice that involves activation of the body’s subtle system to remove energy blocks. The body’s inherent ability to heal itself is activated when these energy blocks are removed. Energy healing is constantly met with skepticism, open fascination and curiosity. Energy healing dates back to the early 20th century where specific cultures practiced it.

How it works

Energy HealingThere are times in life when we feel like the universe is blocking us out and things seem not to go our way. Generally, you feel like you have lost your connections with life, everything slips your inner understanding and your perspective on imperative things in life is out of element. In such situations remember that the universe is always there for us. It’s only a matter of creating your own experience using your thoughts. To get the connection with the universe there must be some input. You need to personally work on the connection between you and the universe.

Energy healing helps in tapping the universal energy, channeling your energy and reconnecting with the universe. An energy healer can help you channel your energy and in the process, accrue benefits such as healing of the body, optimism, confidence and creativeness increase. The world perception becomes detailed and deeper with time.

Mind cultivators around the world have discovered that the life is filled with life giving energy. Energy healing helps us to access the energy that flows in our minds and bodies, giving us the perspective we need to think clearly, deeper understanding and acting accordingly. Reconnecting with the universe through energy healing is as easy as breathing. You don’t need to be a practitioner in energy healing to reconnect with the universe.

How to reconnect through energy healing

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient form of energy healing used to restore the body’s state of balance back to normal. To stimulate the body’s energy, needles are placed in certain acupoints on the skin. According to mind cultivators, the acupoints are tiny electromagnetic centers found along the 14 meridians of the body. In the process, the energy blocks in your body are removed and body healing is triggered, subsequently, reconnection with the universal energy becomes easier.

2. Crystal healing

Crystals are used by most energy healers to transport energy and thoughts which makes them suitable for transfer of energy in the body. Mind cultivators and scientist who study crystal healing have proved that energy healing using crystals can help to cure a wide range emotional flaws thus reconnecting patients with the universe.

3. Reconnective Healing®

If you feel abandoned or separated from your spirit, Reconnective Healing® can help you plug back in. This awesome technique offers you relaxation, better sleep and blood pressure optimization. It can also cleanse the body of toxins and support to the immune system, moreover, energy healing can help you reconnect with the universe by understanding the various energy frequencies around you.


Mainstream science does not fully acknowledge the presence of energy healing and its association with reconnection to the universe. Fortunately, it’s possible to experience the reconnection on a personal level. The idea of only monks and mystics being able to reconnect with the universe is far-fetched. If you are in need of true healing contact us for more information.