Born in 1955 in Pennsauken Township in the New Jersey – United States, Eric is the first child of Lois and Sonny Pearl and has two siblings. At the age of 5, the Pearl’s moved to Cherry Hill. Dr. Eric Pearl attended Cherry Hill High School and describes his life there as miserable as he hated reading. His mother confirms his hatred for books in his high school years, though she points out that Eric is an avid reader today. He was a precocious boy according to Mrs. Lois Pearl.

Dr Eric Pearl’s Education

Eric PearlEric’s childhood memories revolve around Cherry Hill. Like any other kid growing up, he indulged in climbing, playing and running in Presprawl which was his playground. Dr. Pearl never had an interest in sanctioned activities or sports.

From Cherry Hill High School Dr. Pearl proceeded to join the University of Miami with minimal enthusiasm. While in college, Eric´s interests ranged from modern dance to psychology.

After college Eric went to study in Jerusalem for one year. He took a class in Rolfing when he returned to the United States. The course entailed deep tissue massage, and this is where his interest in chiropractic care was born. This led him to enroll in Cleveland Chiropractic College.

His Entry and Practice of the Reconnective Healing®

Many of his followers and patients term Dr. Pearl as a miracle worker. He declines the title and believes that everyone has the ability to do exactly what he does. While practicing as a chiropractor, his secretary pointed him to a Gipsy on Venice Beach. A ritual which marked the start of his special practice was performed at $333. Eric realized that when his hands were near his parents, healing took place. This led him to delve into the universal wisdom search trying to understand the mysterious powers he had. Dr. Pearl´s treatment is practiced without rituals or sophisticated technology. He named his technique Reconnective Healing®.

Over his eight years of practice, Dr. Pearl has attended to thousands of people and made them whole by simply placing his hand near them. No body contact needed. He explains that there is an energy that flows through everyone that connects the strands of DNA with other dimensions.

Public Reaction

Due to its complexity, many people try to give Dr. Pearl´s practice various outfits. Eric is however quick to dismiss the labels and say that it is nothing that has been encountered before. Some people think it is Reiki, jin shin, johrei, mah-jongg, qigong, or those other techniques. Reconnective Healing® has healed many people, giving them a new lease of life and is now accepted and supported by science.

Mrs. Pearl confesses to having blamed herself for her son´s ´wayward´ choice of career but later agrees that it was for their good as well. At some point, she felt like it was a failure on her part to let him leave Cherry Hill. To her relief, Eric still attends the temple on the significant days.

Dr. Pearl´s Accomplishments and Vision

Eric Pearl believes that he has a duty to impact as many people as he can. Actually, his desire is that everyone can connect to the natural energy and heal themselves and other people. He has traveled to 100 countries and left a mark on numerous people across the world. Significant platforms like The New York Times, CNN, and The Dr. Oz Show have featured Eric. He has authored, Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself which is a best seller and has the endorsement of Deepak Chopra, MD among other notables.