Tired of traditional methods of medication? Are they not making the difference that you desire? Give energy healing a try. Energy healing is an alternative treatment method that channels energy into a patient in order to remove blocks that are preventing the ability of the body to heal itself. While there are several types of energy healing methods, few stand out as effectively as Reconnective Healing®.

Reconnective Healing® works without touch and drugs. It is a process that enables your body to interact with the surrounding frequencies in the room and align with those frequencies in order to stimulate healing. This article will give you more insights on how it can be a powerful energy healing system for you.

How Reconnective Healing® works

Reconnective Healing®The process aims at making your body connect with the full range of frequencies that consist of energy, light and information in order to achieve a state of balance. These 3 elements (called Reconnective Healing® frequencies) are all around us on a daily basis. Energy consists of everything that we are made up of; it is indeed the building blocks of our physical body. Light is the mechanism through which these frequencies are transferred between us and the universe. And lastly, information is the element that arises due to our interaction with light and energy. These 3 frequencies are actually tangible and discoverable, and we can feel them.

As opposed to traditional energy healing methods that often only scratch the surface of channeling energy into your body, Reconnective Healing® approaches the core of these techniques by striving to interact with the 3 frequencies mentioned above.

What is involved during each session?

The Reconnective Healing® session takes place in a room where the healer uses no touch, drugs or meditation. You only lay down and relax, with the healer either holding their hands above your body, or interacting with you across the room. The main purpose is to stimulate your body to interact with the surrounding and internal energy frequencies.

During the session, some people can feel sensations (both physical and mental), while others may not feel anything. Others may interact strongly with surrounding elements, such as seeing a smell or tasting a color. The sensations felt during the session are unique to each individual, but one thing holds common in the end; most people report the powerful healing benefits of the treatment.

Expected Results

Reconnective Healing® does not aim at diagnosing a particular symptom or treating a particular ailment. It goes much deeper than that, stimulating those frequencies in order for your body to interact with them and bring about healing that occurs quickly (sometimes instantaneously) and can last for a lifetime.

Several scientific tests have shown that Reconnective Healing® frequencies can interact with our body, making us restructure our DNA and release higher levels of light. These frequencies also cause our bodies to achieve a state of balance and harmony.

Who should seek Reconnective Healing®?

The treatment works for people of all ages. It is independent of any particular symptom or disease, and is aimed at people who are undergoing pain and stress, and are seeking alternative methods of relief from traditional medicine. It has helped people cure illnesses, relieve mind problems and heal internal wounds.

How we can Help

At Reconnect Mind body soul, we have helped many of our patients channel surrounding frequencies in order to stimulate healing and relief from may different problems, both physical and mental. Are you considering giving Reconnective Healing® a try? Contact us today!