Reconnective Healing® is a form of healing that reconnects you to the fullness of your being. It connects you to the universe and to our own spirit. The healing uses frequencies with totally new bandwidth, brought via a spectrum of light and information. The practice and science laboratories have proven the existence of Reconnective Healing®. Reconnecting with the universe allows healing to take place.

The only way to understand this type of healing is through experience. The health challenges you encounter is a blend of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional anguish among other challenges. Reconnective Healing® doesn’t treat you but gives you balance and heals you in its presence.

Reconnective Healing®Reconnective Healing® Sessions

You need 1-3 sessions of Reconnective Healing® to achieve immediate maximum results. The healing can last for an eternity once it’s administered. Patients feel a lot of physical and mental sensations during sessions. The sessions stimulate the body and sensations are intensive. The healing occurs immediately or within a day or two after the treatment. Healing manifests itself into a complete form in-between the sessions. This healing works without touching the patient, use of drugs or reciting mythical phrases.

Reconnective Healing® is simply interacting with new frequencies. A practitioner uses energies to affect frequencies that bring about all kinds of sensations like color, knowledge, spiritual, physical and other distinctive responses. Patients report the vision of angels, color or smelling it, others report hearing music or voices while others feel touching sensation. Body temperature may change drastically while experiencing other bodily sensations. These moments presents your body with a special chance to heal and regenerate itself.

Benefits of This Type Of Healing

Reconnective Healing® is effective on diseases that traditional medicine has failed to treat. This healing has the power to treat and bring forth life changing situations that will help you to be productive in the community and family.

Imagine the pain, the agony, and distress some health condition has on your family, the children being the most affected. The joy for any individual is to have a normal life without plaguing illnesses distracting you from achieving your dreams.

Many athletes seek this form of healing to release their inner potential, rediscover their strength, release new found energy, focus and recover from injuries. The treatment is a nonevasive treatment for such ailments like lethargy, stress, and attention disorders. It provides a long lasting solution towards many ailments. All people should seek Reconnective Healing® whether mildly or seriously sick, your ailments could just be signs that you need to rediscover your confidence, emotional intelligence, healthfulness, and spiritual empowerment.


Reconnective Healing® goes beyond the act of healing but awakens your strengths and rejuvenates your body. Regeneration of the body is the treatment of physical, emotional, spiritual or any form of ailment. A fundamental difference lies between the healing and the reconnection sessions. The function is to heal the body for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual injury, while the reconnection session brings us into the fullness of the universe. The intention of each session is the reason why they differ greatly by approach and results. Therefore you should take Reconnective Healing® and the reconnection sessions at different occasions.  Contact us for more information.