Energy Healing

Journey into the World of Healing Energy Frequency

Since everything here on Earth is literally energy in motion, it may also be safe to say that our health, too, is in constant fluctuation depending on, of course, where our energy signature vibrates. The higher the frequency our energy vibrates, the healthier our bodies will be. This is no longer speculation, as experts are now understanding the connection between the pulsating, rhythmic pattern of our living planet and the well-being of all life through healing energy research.

Under the scope of modern day science, ancient Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Sumerian and Egyptian cultures are now revealing that the pyramids were not only specifically built to reflect the positions of the star and planetary systems but were also created to simulate the harmonic orifices and chakras of the human body. Remarkable findings have also revealed that even the sarcophagus at the center of the Great Pyramid is modulated to mimic the rhythmic frequency of the human heart. Acoustics research today in pyramids shows that the architecture of the Egyptian burial chambers and chapels were designed to produce a more resonating element to amplify ceremonial chanting. The Egyptians understood that there are exact frequencies in which the Universe is arranged. And these exact frequencies, when orchestrated, will pave the way to the guiding forces of truth, light and healing.

Research studies have proved that energy healing can help to relieve fatigue, anxiety, and depression caused by various medical conditions.

It can boost a person’s energy levels and overall well-being.

Energy healing has the reputation of being a safe treatment that has no reported side effects. It can be used to complement current treatments for a number of physical and mental health issues.

By reducing stress and inducing relaxation, energy healing boosts the body’s immune system, and also helps people to sleep more soundly.

Ancient Traditions of Energy Healing

Rattles and drums are two of the earliest known instruments ever to be used among human beings. The high-frequency ultrasounds produced by the rattle and the low-frequency sounds produced by the drum are both noted to promote and accelerate healing. The djembe, known also as the talking or healing drum, originating from as far back as 500 AD. in West Africa, is understood to closely emulate the tones and rhythms of the spoken word in communication. These particular sounds, still created by very few highly-skilled artists today, are considered dialogue in which the cells of the body understand what’s being relayed to them for rapid cell regeneration.

The spiritual healing potential of energy healing is not yet recognized widely, but if you have ever realized that you have a spiritual, emotional, or energetic block that is interfering with your health, Energy healing can be an effective way of clearing these blocks. Your spiritual vibrations and energies can be aligned in ways you don’t even sense, though many people notice the effects and can even cry or feel overwhelmed when experiencing energy healing for the first time. No matter what condition you’re treating, energy healing can be an effective complementary and holistic treatment.  Contact us for more information.