Reconnective Healing® is the process of realizing the infinite energy of the surrounding. The energy allows you to obtain optimum balance of mental physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. The healing helps your DNA to change causing vibration shifts in your cells. This in turn helps you to emit higher levels of light energy and realize your own ability, hence helping you become more intact and have a more balanced life. This form of healing is done in sessions and you can have two or three sessions in a day depending on the severity of you problem. Every person experiences his/her healing in a different way, because people have different realization.It is important to note that this is real healing and not therapy. After the third session you should be able to look back and notice changes or shifts in your life. These can be in physical emotion or spiritual.

Reconnective Healing®Reconnective Healing® is able to connect you to the universe through bandwidths of energy and information. Its existence is evident in many patients who have recovered from different problems. You sometime experience changes in your life which are physical, emotional or spiritual. These changes are attributed to the planet changing and hence affecting your life. Therefore, you need to reconnect with the universe to counter these changes.

Reconnective Healing® Balances All Levels

Scientific studies of the patients, who undergo Reconnective Healing®, have proved that you are not only healed but you gain physical, mental and emotional energy. This helps you deal with problems of the same nature that might arise in your life. The mental and emotional levels come to a balance and this makes a person a whole being. This healing helps you get enough sleep, be stress free, your never ware-out and you are able to regenerate, hence helping you realize your purpose, gifts and talents to be able to live a normal productive life.

Reconnective Healing® Heals All Levels

These levels include; body, mental, emotional and spiritual. Most diseases or problems in our lives occur as a result of mental, spiritual or emotional problems. If one has an emotion free life, it would be rare for them to get mental illness. Fatigue can also cause mental illness, and if you have to improve your mental health, your body should be well also. It is evident that all these levels support each other. It is vital to note that conventional medicines do not heal but treat symptoms. Hence Reconnective Healing® will heal the body and the mind.

Reconnective Healing® Sessions

No matter your age you can improve your mental healthy by having Reconnective Healing® sessions. With a trained practitioner, one realizes the presence of physical and mental sensations. Some people may feel nothing at all only to realize the effects of the healing after some hours or even days. Reconnective Healing® sessions combine all healings of the body, mind and spirit. Contact us for more information about this amazing healing practice today!