The question that everyone is currently vocalizing is whether energy healing is real. Many people have emerged to try and connote definitions to this old age healing phenomenon. Some have been able to delve into the important aspects of energy healing while others have seen a lucrative cash cow that can be deceivingly ‘milked.’

To fully comprehend the importance of energy healing in our present society, it is paramount to understand the connection between energies around us and its relation to getting to an optimal state of balance.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy HealingYour body has a set of energetic points and lines that connect you to the universe and the rest of the human race. We also know that matter is composed of vibrating molecules. Human beings are made from matter and therefore have vibrating molecules. When the body is not storing any blocks in its energy fields, energy is flowing as it should. At this optimal state, the body is said to be in a state of harmony and vibrating at a higher frequency.

Scientific studies have proven the relevance of energy healing over the years. Your body is prone to mental and emotional stress, traumatic experiences and false belief mechanisms. These are some of the common impediments that tend to hinder the flow of energy in your body. Energy levels can be measured, and it has also been proven that clearing these blocks in the body helps to rebalance the energy and lead your body to the point of inherent healing.

During the energy healing sessions, the specialist will inspire a relaxed state of body and mind. In this state, they will be able to interact with Reconnective Healing® which utilizes the frequencies around you to help you get attuned to newer and healthier frequencies. Energy healing takes the body out of the ‘placebo effect’ state and enables it to deviate from the concentration of symptoms and diagnosis. It rather focuses on the energy present during the healing sessions and inspires an energy shift in your body.

Energy healing is noninvasive and is entirely based on scientific principles. In most cases, you will only be required to attend three sessions. Mental and physical sensations characterize these sessions. The specialist will not need to get in contact with your body but will rather utilize the energies present in the room to alter your body’s frequencies.

3 Major Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Finding Your sense of purpose

It inspires a deeper sense of purpose. It awakens your innate need to discover and achieve your purpose. It also guides you to empower your connections with the people around you and leads you through positive ways to achieving your ultimate goals.

  • Restoration of health

The ability to connect to your intrinsic healing capabilities can help to restore the optimal balance to the body’s systems. Energy healing is a proponent of wellness and high immunity levels. You will continually experience good energetic vibrations that will lead to an empowered feeling to need good things for your mental, physical and spiritual being

  • Achievement of goals

Once your energy is coherent with the frequencies around you, you will be able to steer your mind away from blocks from the past that used to hinder the achievement of goals. You will be prompted to improve your thinking ability, learn to manage your stress levels better and ultimately be steered to successful

Energy healing eclipses conventional healing methods. It is an intricate and effective method of healing various forms of the body’s distress and ultimately attain a level of balance.  Contact us for more information.