Living a life of purpose requires a balance between the energies of your mind, body, and soul. When these energies are in union, you feel your best and have the strength to focus on creating your life. Energy healing helps awaken you to these frequencies, and improves your health to help you live your life with purpose.

Energy Healing for Health

Energy HealingThe process of energy healing works by joining your unique energies to the universal frequencies of light, energy, and information. In the individual, energy travels along meridian lines that flow through your body. The outside energy in the world follows parallel meridian lines in the planet, and greater energy lines along the universal grid. Reconnective Healing® joins your own frequency to that which flows around you, helping you achieve balance with the universe.

So how does this energy flow affect your health? When frequencies are flowing smoothly, blood cells and oxygen follow these energy lines through every point in your body. Your circulation improves, and you feel more awake and alert as your body achieves optimal balance.

Creating energy flow also helps remove toxins from your body that can cause stress and disease. Unlike Western medicine, energy healing removes these toxins without any invasive methods or uncomfortable side effects. It can reduce the effects of disease, and provide pain relief without drugs or medication.

The Healing Experience

The healing session is unique to each person, and everyone experiences different mental and physical sensations. You begin by lying down, and your healer focuses the energy that surrounds you. There is no physical contact, and no intrusive medical procedures. Some sense vibrations throughout their body, or feel a spreading relaxation. Other hear music and voices, or experience synesthesia through various senses. You may not even feel a distinct impression during your healing, but discover the effects hours or even days later. Ailments and pains may disappear as the energy of your body begins to flow more smoothly and return your self to a state of optimum balance.

The Spiritual Awakening

Once your body is in union with the world, your mind and soul follow the path of connection. The frequencies of the universe are in balance with your energy, helping you align your life with purpose. The reconnection relieves feelings of stress and anxiety, and clears your mind so that you can focus your thoughts. It joins your soul to your physical self, creating a complete spirit that is awakened to the world around you. Your fatigue disappears, and your connection with the universe comes alive once more. With your mind, soul, and body clear and connected, you can live your life with purpose.

Energy Healing for You

So who should seek energy healing? The answer is, energy healing is for everyone. If you are facing physical challenges such as illness or chronic pain, energy healing can help return your body to a place of health without subjecting you to invasive medical treatments or the dangerous side effects of drugs. Reconnective Healing® can also provide relief from mental stress such as anxiety, difficulty focusing, and prolonged stress. By joining your physical and mental health to the spiritual energy of your soul, energy healing brings your entire body into union to help you live a life of purpose today.  Contact us for more information.