Alternative and complementary medicine are based on the fact that your mind-body-spirit has an innate capacity for self-healing. Reconnective Healing® is one form of energy therapy that continues to baffle the greatest medicine minds of today. It is a top-down healing technique that heals a myriad of issues in the human body both physiologically and psychologically.

The art of natural healing specializes in both spiritual healing and energy therapy. In a nutshell, natural healers are individuals who facilitate and fast-track your healing process. It is essential to note that these healers do not heal, rather, it is nature that does the healing. Suffice to say; natural healers merely act as a catalyst.

reconnective healing

How Reconnective Healing® Healing Works

Many Reconnective Healing® recipients report feeling better and active immediately after the first session. The process itself, though simple, should not be dismissed as magic. Natural healers who use Reconnective Healing® neither touch their patients nor do they repeat any mantras and phrases. Furthermore, the process does not burn any incense, play music, light candles, or use amulets.

When you go in for a Reconnective Healing® session, the practitioner will ask you to lie down and relax. This allows Reconnective natural healers to interact with the energy inside the room as well as your own energy. The process involves interacting with the frequencies within your surroundings but from a distance. Since no physical contact is required, this energy therapy can occur over long distances.

Natural healers help their patients get attuned to frequencies that they never knew existed. In fact, even traditional medicine never knew that these frequencies existed until Dr. Eric Pearl introduced Reconnective Healing® to the world back in the early 90’s.

Natural Healers Complement Modern Medicine

Natural healing, though highly effective in a majority of patients who receive it, should largely be considered a companion to modern medicine. This is because while modern medicine provides an evidenced-based framework for healing, your body still needs to heal itself. Thus, natural healers step in to fast-track your road to recovery using energy therapy.

Reconnective Healing® is effective at speeding up the recovery process after being treated for a medical condition, receiving surgery, or any other treatment method that leaves your body weak such as chemotherapy and radiation. Reconnective natural healers can significantly reduce the side effects of medication and treatments that are highly intrusive.

Many experts are in agreement that you should take the best parts of both modern medicine and natural healing to recover quickly. Reconnective Healing® often last a lifetime, and you only require at most three sessions. Furthermore, the process is similar for all ailments and patients. Since it taps into and connects you to the frequencies of the universe, healing occurs at all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical.

A Reconnective Healing® session is unlike anything else you have ever experienced. Some recipients report feeling no change at all only to wake up the next day feeling better than they did ever before. Others report immediate relief from their pain, side effects, and other signs and symptoms of diseases. Still, others report feeling synesthesia (a condition where one can see a smell or taste a color), hearing music or voices, and seeing spiritual or angelic visions.

Irrespective of the type of energy therapy different natural healers use, they all have one thing in common; they complement western medicine and use energy to facilitate healing. Contact Reconnect Mind Body Soul to restore your health holistically.