Therapies that have been used by medics for years in an attempt to treat ailments such as cancer, have been largely unsuccessful. This has led to the advancement of alternative treatments, which are slowly gaining mainstream acceptance in the field of medicine. Reconnective Healing® is an alternative to western medicine that has been successfully used to treat cancer.

The success rate of Reconnective Healing® is quite impressive, which is why you need to consider it if you want quick relief from the side effects of highly intrusive cancer therapies. The reconnection process has not been proven scientifically. Besides this, no one can concisely explain how it works because no diagnosis is involved. Nonetheless, it is a non-medical treatment that is gaining traction globally.

Demystifying the Reconnection Process

Reconnection involves a return to balance, vitality, and wholeness. This is about recreating the connection between you and your life’s purpose so that you move forward with a resilient connection to yourself, the universe, and your fate. The process permanently attunes you to frequencies that exist in the universe. This is done in a manner that fully enables you to pursue your destiny. In so doing, it opens up new abilities and possibilities, and presents fulfilling opportunities to you.

How Reconnective Healing® Works

Reconnection involves you, your practitioner, and the universe around you. The practitioner utilizes light frequencies and the energy surrounding you. It works instantaneously to treat different psychological and physical conditions. Despite this, you will have a relaxed state of mind for a long time. The role of the practitioner is to create a connection between you and the universal energy source.

Physical, psychological, and hormonal disproportions get rectified while you undergo the treatment. In most cases, intrusive cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation affect your body pH balance and DNA organization. Reconnection helps restore your body balance, and restructures your DNA within a short time. This proves its superiority over traditional treatments.

Unlike traditional interventions, the Reconnective Healing® process cannot be altered regardless of the condition that you are faced with. You only need a maximum of three sessions for you to fully recover. Healing happens in your emotional, physical, and psychological domains. There will be a noticeable change in your body soon after the first session ends. Some patients have reported feeling better within 24 hours of treatment.

Why Reconnective Healing® Transcends other Treatment Technique

Medical practitioners have embraced this technique since it relieves depression, fatigue, restlessness, and pain. These are some of the major side effects of intrusive cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. In as much as it won’t kill cancerous cells permanently, it eases the destructive symptoms of serious illnesses.

Unlike other treatments,  Reconnective Healing® works remotely. This is because a quantum energy field, which is present all over the universe, is used. What perplexes many people is the fact that Reconnective Healing® is more effective when conducted by a practitioner who is located far away from you. Most distant patients have even reported receiving intense energy than those who are in the same room with a practitioner. The process is not hindered by time or space.

Reconnective Healing® is one of the most efficient ways of producing superior emotional and spiritual awareness. It helps you experience meaningful, enduring, instantaneous, and positive results, which will ultimately make your life more fulfilling. This is a profound and life-changing healing process that harmonizes your body, spirit, and mind.