Reconnective Healing® is a newly tested and scientifically proven method of returning to balance vitality and health wholeness to both people and animals the natural way. This method amazingly works without touch, without reciting any phrases or meditation, without drugs or any other treatment method but achieves the desired results. This art is practiced by doctors all over the world and plays a major role in integrative medicines.  Reconnective Healing® plays a role in complementing the advice given by a health professional.

Reconnective Healing®History of Reconnective Healing®

The practice owes its invention to Doctor Eric Pearl Chiropractic based in Los Angeles. He is the one who discovered the power of the body’s axonal lines and meridian lines. The basic premise in remote healing is that human beings have Energy bodies, more than having physical bodies. This energy body is made up of an energy field, energy Pathways and energy centers. There are four energy layers which while each has its own function, they all still interact together.

Spiritual being is activated when a person prays or meditates It is comprised of four or more sub-layers. It relates to a person’s spiritual dimensions and therefore higher self.

The mental field is perceived between three and eight inches away from the body and is made up of someone’s thoughts and mental processes.

Emotional field depicts someone’s feelings and is experienced between 1 and three inches away from the physical body.

The etheric field is a duplicate of the physical body and is located a quarter an inch to two inches away from the body.

Reconnective Healing® can be applied in different ways:-

#1 Distance  Reconnective Healing®

Also known as absent healing, remote energy healing and bio healing, a distance healing session usually, involves access to and reconnection of the mindset and body to the broad spectrum of frequencies flowing in the universe. This process is done whole the practitioner and patient are not in Physically near during the session.

Distance healers use bio energy from the duplicate physical body of the patient to help normalize body functions, provide relief and heal some symptoms such as a headache and pain. This restores the patients depleted energy stores. Some of the common types of distance healing include Reiki, Chios Energy healing, Tong Ren, Quantum Touch and Amadeus.

#2 In person  Reconnective Healing®

This method involves having the practitioner and the patient in the same place for the healing session. When you receive  Reconnective Healing®, you simply lie down, relax and let the healer interact with your internal energy. It is a process of aligning you to new frequencies that you never knew of. Most people need at most three sessions of  Reconnective Healing® to achieve optimum results.

3# Animal healing.

All life forms can be tuned to the frequencies of the planet through reconnection. This service can be made to pets and farm animals and is ideal for improving emotions, physique and behavior. Animals are a lot easier to reconnect since they lack the mental and spiritual barriers evident in humans.

Energy treatments are widely accepted in the modern world due to technological advancement. It is therefore, evident that Reconnective Healing® is a good complement of medicine and should be considered in realigning our bodies to the normal working status we all desire. Contact us for more information.