Scientific development is experiencing a renaissance and this is greatly changing the perception of people on conventional health and healing methods. Experts in the medical industry are launching research initiatives to attempt to quantify the effects of an emerging spectrum of light, information, and energy on humans. This new healing sphere is commonly known as Reconnective Healing®.

What is Reconnective Healing®?

In layman’s language, Reconnective Healing® is reconnecting the body to its natural ability to heal itself. Picture a scenario where you have a small cut, you often know that it will heal and cover itself up leaving your skin normal once again. At times, the body is barraged by various forms of interferences that compromise its ability to self-heal. Common hindrances that overwhelm this process include poor eating habits, stress, environmental toxins and self-destructive habits.

Modern medicine approaches this by replacing what the body is missing with supplements and a wide selection of medication. However, Reconnective Healing® seeks to bring about an overall state of wellness rather than just replacing the missing piece of the puzzle. The concept behind Reconnective Healing® is that the body is in a state of harmony and balance. At this optimal state, every aspect of dissonance or imbalance is back to the way it should be.

Reconnective Healing®An In-depth Look at Reconnective Healing® as a New Way of Life

Reconnective Healing® brings you into a state where your body is experiencing higher frequencies. As you get attuned to these new frequencies, you feel changes inside your body that ultimately get you to optimal health and well-being. Presently, it has been proven numerous times that Reconnective Healing® has been instrumental in healing health challenges like trauma, depression, cancer, and diabetes among others. It has assisted many people to alleviate the pain or chronic conditions that occasionally bombard the body. Individuals who don’t have health issues have also reported a new and intrinsic sense of purpose and fullness once they experience Reconnective Healing®.

What is basically happening during Reconnective Healing® is that your body gets access to the universal healing spectrum. The specialist is able to help you get to this point through accessing and transmitting the frequencies that are emitted. The Reconnective Healing® Specialist is the transmission instrument. There is no need for any medical instruments or a wide array of implements to tap into these healthier frequencies. The specialist just needs to cultivate the innate ability to embody an instrument of healing and allow you to experience a higher level of universal healing intelligence.

With the flow of energy improved and rejuvenated, the ultimate result is that your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What Happens During a Reconnective Healing® Session?

During the session, you will feel mental and physical sensations or even feel nothing at all until later. The specialist takes you through the session without touching your body since they only need to use the energy and frequencies that are around you. Frequencies might manifest in the sensations, color, and synesthesia among others. The specialist will hold his hands over your body and tap into the frequencies in the room. As an instrument, they will transfer these newer and healthier frequencies to your body. The effects of Reconnective Healing® are known to last for a long time.

Reconnective Healing® surpasses any healing modalities you have ever experienced. It’s not a technique, a treatment or even a therapy as it does no diagnosis of a symptom. The new frequencies are able to give you the necessary experience to bring about the kind of healing your body needs.  Contact us for more information.