Globally, most people prefer seeking Western medicine over any other type of medication. People who use it castigate alternative and spiritual healing because of the belief that Western medicine is better in most aspects. What they probably fail to realize is that Reconnective Healing®, which is alternative and spiritual healing therapy, is just as valid as Western medication. In recent times, more people are opting for alternative and spiritual healing therapy.

Industrially Manufactured Medication

Reconnective Healing®It is true that Western medicine is scientifically proven. Probably, that’s one of the reasons it seems to be winning the western medicine vs. alternative and spiritual healing therapy debate. The differences between the two are like heaven and earth. The approaches used in both are quite different. Western medicine relies on industrially produced medications. Reconnective Healing® and spiritual healing doesn’t need modern medicines to be effective.

Conventional Healing Therapy

Western medicine is at the heart of conventional medical treatments, which encompass:

  1. surgery
  2. chemotherapy
  3. radiation
  4. physical therapy

The medication used in alternative medicine is not potent. Patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as cancer would find this fact quite comforting. Often, these patients have to put up with some of the most painful treatments. The fact this approach relies on more natural medication means the body is safe. Natural remedies are not renowned for severe side effects, which is a common occurrence in Western medicine.

Holistic Treatment

Where Reconnective Healing® has proven unique is in the fact that it offers holistic treatment. Also, alternative and spiritual healing requires restoring the imbalance that’s responsible for causing the ailment. In addition to this, there isn’t a simple explanation for any disease. Alternative therapy relies on the belief that diseases are often indicators of a spiritual issue that needs quick fixing.

As previously stated, any healing therapy that revolves around alternative and spiritual medicine is holistic. It believes that a patient’s sickness is the result of something that’s wrong with the body, soul, and spirit. A disease such as cancer, therefore, reflects the dire condition that these three components experience. This viewpoint is at the center of the healing therapy in alternative medicine, which is kinder and gentler on the body.

Empowering Patients

Alternative and spiritual healing empowers the patient. It enlightens and equips the patient with knowledge on better ways of taking care of the body. The only focus of Western medicine is treating the condition that makes a person sick. Once treated, it leaves the patient to determine how to lead his life. In this regard, Western medicine is a bit impersonal. Yes, it has an element of human touch but not as much as is visible in Reconnective Healing®.

Environment is Part of Healing

An important aspect of Reconnective Healing® that’s not part of Western medicine is the environment. In the former, studying the patient’s health history also involves considering the environment. A patient’s sickness has everything to do with the environment. In Western medicine, the environment is rarely stated. If something is wrong with the surroundings, the physician will not ask you to relocate.

Is a healing therapy combining the two better?

In many societies, combining Western medicine and alternative medication is proving highly effective at treating sicknesses. The safety of the patient is the most important factor here. In addition to this, the efficacy levels also matter. The healing therapy you choose must be safe and efficient. It must be capable of producing the desired results. It must reduce the side effects, which are quite adversarial, commonly associated with Western medicine.  Contact us for more information.