The Reconnective Healing® experience is unique for each person. Some individuals require a single visit; others only require part of a visit. The majority of certified practitioners agree that it is smart to consider up to three sessions. While each one is unique and special, many who have undergone treatment report that something special occurs during session three. It is recognized that a healing energy begins to repair the body at this stage.

Healing Happens in an Instant

reconnective healingWith Reconnective Healing®, the actual healing process is instant. What requires more time is for you to accept the healing. If you achieve everything you want and need within the first three sessions, it is advised you let go and allow the healing to unfold on its own.

Clear Improvement is Always the Goal with Reconnective Healing®

Usually, the only time you need more sessions of Reconnective Healing® is if a new situation arises in your life, or if you have experienced consistent, recognizable, clear improvement during the first three sessions and felt there is more to come.

Those who seek Reconnective Healing® need to realize it is not about regular, frequent visits or “touch-ups.” There is no reason to schedule “weekly” sessions, or visit your chosen practitioner on an ongoing basis. Once your session or sessions are complete, you own your evolution, healing, and change. No one can take this away from you. Contact us for more information about our healing practices.