When people begin their journey towards healing, they’re often faced with serious physical illness or devastating emotional circumstances. It’s no surprise that clients frequently ask if multiple treatment methods will provide better results than Reconnective Healing® alone. The truth is, healing is an individual process and each person will have their own unique experience. In some cases, Reconnective Healing® is enough for clients to experience radical change. In other instances, multiple treatment methods can provide additional benefits.

reconnective healing

Reconnective Healing®

To call Reconnective Healing® a treatment modality is an oversimplification. Reconnective Healing® would be better described as a balancing and realigning of the body’s natural frequencies to create optimum health and wellbeing. It’s noninvasive and occurs without drugs or even being touched by the practitioner. When you experience Reconnective Healing®, you may find immediate relief of emotional or physical symptoms. Or, you may not notice any difference for several hours or days. Typically, clients experience 1 to 3 sessions before stopping treatment and allowing the healing to unfold on its own. Reconnective Healing® is often sufficient to relieve symptoms that have resisted traditional medical treatment.

Other Treatment Methods

Achieving ideal wellness and balance is a complex process that differs for everyone. Although Reconnective Healing® is often enough to bring your frequencies into balance, you may benefit from adding additional healing and wellness practices to your routine. Here are a few examples of proven methods that you can use to enhance your life:

  • Yoga

Yoga is healing for body, mind, and soul. The gentle stretches and slow, controlled movements are great for addressing muscle tension or other types of physical discomfort. Yoga has also been shown to be useful for recovering from trauma by allowing people to reconnect with their bodies. The deep breathing and meditative aspects of yoga are wonderful for calming stress or anxiety.

  • Herbalism and nutrition

Proper nutrition is a vital aspect of remaining healthy and balanced. Seeking advice from a nutritionist can help you learn which foods to add or subtract from your diet to help with digestive issues, fatigue, and scores of other physical and mental conditions. Herbal medicine can also play a supportive role. Nourishing teas and tonics made from plants allow you to harness the healing energies of nature to increase wellness and longevity.

  • Reiki

If you have explored energy healing before, you’ve almost certainly heard of reiki. This healing art involves a trained practitioner who can channel healing energies around your body to restore vitality and wellness.

  • Acupressure and massage

The healing power of touch should not be underestimated. Massage is a wonderful way to soothe stiff muscles and aching joints. Acupressure, which can be incorporated into massage or done as a stand-alone technique, activates specific pressure points on the body to increase the flow of vital energy.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Promoting health does not always come in the form of a specific treatment or healing method. Sometimes the best thing you can do to support your own healing is to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Getting a little more exercise, cutting out processed foods, sleeping enough, and connecting with those you love are all great ways to support your healing journey.

Which method is best for you?

Reconnective Healing® can benefit anyone, child or adult. It can even benefit pets or other animals. If you are coping with stress, emotional trauma, physical pain, or side effects from medical treatments such as chemotherapy, you may find Reconnective Healing® to be a powerful tool to help you find balance and wellness. Other healing methods can provide amazing support for your health as you grow and change. Contact Reconnect Mind Body Soul and let us advise you on how to improve your health naturally.