What do humans desire? It may sound like a mind boggling question but isn’t. If one can manage to have joy, fulfilling occupations, great relationships, inner peace, great health, and security, within themselves, then they’d be considered to have stroke the balance in their multi-dimensional body. They would experience life without struggle or physical discomfort.

Reconnective Healing® Facts and Evidence

Reconnective Healing®There is an energy type known as Reconnective Healing®, that’s the most efficient method to help one achieve internal balance. Dr. Eric Pearl, who is an American Chiropractor and author of the book The Reconnective, has worked so hard to bring this method to the public’s attention.

Scientists, e.g., Dr. Korotkov’s, Garry Schwartz, and William A. Tiller have jotted down volumes of interesting articles to demonstrate Reconnective Healing® as the best method for anyone trying to achieve perfect wellness. Also, majority of scholars, Universities, and medical researchers are everyday contributing to this research.

Another credible source to support the effectiveness of Reconnective Healing® is a documentary dubbed The Living Matrix that delves into the new science of healing. Dr. Garry Schwartz together with Dr. Korotkov also demonstrated through an experiment, the effects of Reconnective Healing® on the water to deduce how properties changed in the water on Reconnective health. This shows the power of the said practice on the human body, considering it’s comprised of 70%-80% water.

Purely, one can deduce that indeed healing through Reconnective method is the best way of healing that does not involve the touch of drugs, but only through connecting with the full range of energy frequencies, and light to gain a state of balance.

Who’s to Enjoy the Benefits of Reconnective Healing®?

This healing happens through vibrational frequencies, and the higher the frequency the better the healing experience. The human body has energy fields and everything that occurs in the body has energy which vibrates on different rates, be it emotions, experience or thought. Thoughts rooted in love and acceptance has frequencies higher than those rooted in fear and rejection.

High frequency thought forms include those of clarity of oneself and others, joy, understanding, love, integrity, compassion, empathy and harmony. The lower frequency thought forms are doubt, confusion, anger, insecurity, fear of loss, lack, failure, envy, jealousy, disharmony, etc. To heal a person suffering from the lower frequency thought form, a higher frequency is administered to them to raise the lower frequency to an acceptable frequency while the inverse is done to those with higher frequency thought forms.

People who seek such healing can be categorized into three groups,

  1. Those who have tried all treatment for their chronic, physical, mental or emotional imbalance without success, and are now turning to this method as their last resort.
  2. Those that want to change their lives, and lead a more satisfying, integrated, and more meaningful life.
  3. Those seeking such healing for their beloved one who might be hospitalized or in a care facility.

Benefits of Reconnective Healing®

A client can benefit from multiple benefits, depending on their deepest need during the healing process, which may happen instantly and permanent or come progressively.


Reconnective Healing® works; It will reconnect you to the fullness of the universe and help one to rediscover, redirect, and to accelerate their life path.  Contact us for more information.