Energy treatments are more widely accepted today than ever before, and this is generally due to technological advancements. New technology has led us to a greater understanding of how we, our home planet, and our universe, work.  Reconnective Healing® is one of the best ways to heal thyself inside out.

Reconnective Healing® The One

Previously, energy based therapies were thought to be based on out of date theories about our bodies having special energies. In acupuncture, those energies are believed to move along channels in the body. According to Chinese traditional medicine, these channels are known as Chi, and in other healing traditions, they’re known as, sen, meridian lines, or nadis. Another, popular energy based healing therapy that is practiced more often these days, is Reiki, which involves hands on interaction between the healer and the recipient.

Now, even though we may not fully understand how those ancient therapies really work, hospitals, health centres, and practitioners of energy healing around the world have made it more widely available to their patients and clients, as more and more evidence has shown how helpful such therapies can be. As human beings have evolved and advanced, our ancient instincts have convinced us to believe that energy based healing still works, even though we cannot remember the original ancient knowledge that led to its development in the first place. Today, we call it an ‘alternative’ – alternative to what? It’s an alternative, to our chemical driven solution to healing.

But the chemical age is over, as is the clockwork age, where we have broken down the body into the tiniest of parts like a machine and have been merely treating each part, from limbs to cells. Biology is going universal, literally!

We are currently reconnecting with our ancient knowledge, with our sense of being part of it, and the wider environment of our home, Earth, and with Earth’s connection to our universe. So today, for tens of thousands of people, and that’s a growing number, Reconnective Healing® is the answer.

Why? Well, recently, advanced machines have expanded our knowledge about our human bodies, and we’ve discovered that the ancients were actually on to something. EKG’s and MRI scans have shown that while we are flesh, bone and blood, our bodies as a whole are an energy field. We are a living matrix and the meridians or pathways, described in traditional healing, do exist in us – as pathways with points that can conduct electricity, (without the use of needles). Results from a study published earlier this year,Study showed them up as clearly defined anatomical structures, or acu-points, otherwise known to many as meridian lines.

These energy fields or paths are waves that contain information and the heart is the conductor of this network orchestra that is your body’s biofield. It regulates light, heat and electrical signals from within and without your body. Our bodies emit light constantly and these light emissions are known to scientists now as biophotons, and it is they who carry information to the very core of our being. Information medicine is the future, and for many practitioners of Reconnective Healing®, the future starts now.

For them, Reconnective Healing® is the answer, because, according to its developer, Dr Eric Pearl, it interacts with the fully comprehensive reconnective spectrum of frequencies that consist of energy, light, and information.

Whoever you are, you are already connected to the universal energy and light that surrounds us. You may be ill because your body’s information has gone awry. . . Interacting with Reconnective Healing® could restore your body’s harmony and balance, hands free. Everyone can learn how to introduce new information to their bodies, and to others, through Reconnective Healing® Frequencies. Contact us for more information.