Few people can properly quantify the benefits of alternatives to western medicine such as Reconnective Healing® . More still think it is only useful for physical ailments, diseases and tangible difficulties. However, this opinion could not be further from the truth. Reconnective Healing® has countless positives for all three facets, the mind, the body and the soul. You do not need to be suffering from a disease to reap the benefits and connect with your inner self.

Benefits Of A Strong Connection

Reconnective Healing®The Reconnection process is all about balance and restoring yourself back to full and healthy potential. It is far too easy to allow the rigors and problems of daily life to overwhelm and disturb the delicate balance that keeps your body going strong. A proper connection with your inner self allows self-discovery and confidence to flourish. Many people report intense feelings of rejuvenation and purpose after a session. This is entirely the result of a restored connection that transcends the self-made chains you felt were holding you back.

The beneficial aspects of a true balanced connection are too numerous to ignore. It is common to experience an array of feelings including:

  • Inner peace
  • An elimination of current worries
  • A connection with nature and the universe we live in
  • Renewed and strengthened drive to achieve goals
  • Resistance to negative mental states
  • Increased health, vigor and confidence

The most powerful aspect of restoring the connection with your inner self are the feelings of purpose that follow. You beliefs, desires and motivations feel and appear as raw and unadulterated as their day of creation. The unburdening of your mind, body and soul help you to think clearly and make decisions that are not detrimental to yourself. Healing is not simply for the body, but for psychological health as well. Even the most minute disturbances in energy fields can have a big impact on your ability to function and feel true to yourself.

How Reconnecting With Your Inner Self Works

Your Reconnective Healing® practitioner will use your existing energies to tear down the barriers to the well-being of your inner self. We are all energy, working in unison with the energies of the universe. When these connections weaken or fail, it is like power outage within us. We become weaker, sicker, think less clearly become lost in a sea of negative emotions, behaviors and drives. The restoration effect of a reconnection session eliminates these problems, leaving you in a relaxed and natural state of mind. Conventional treatment would have you taking medication that only further disturbs the balance.

Who Can Benefit?

Using Reconnective Healing® to connect with your inner self can benefit everyone. Regardless of your age, spiritual beliefs, or openness to suggestion you can find success in the process. Your practitioner will be manipulating the energies that already exist all around and within you and there is nothing for you to do except relax and experience the session. Your body’s response may be unique to you, but the invigoration and enlightenment you experience are par for the course. Even otherwise healthy individuals can experience spiritual empowerment and a renewed focus they never knew was possible.  Contact us for more information.