The mind-body reconnection is an emerging healing therapy, which is currently being used to manage the causes and side effects of diseases such as cancer. This is an alternative therapy that you should opt for in case you wish to avoid the side effects that are associated with highly intrusive therapies such as radiation. Despite the availability of numerous therapies that eliminate the causes of diseases, Reconnective Healing®  remains the most apposite alternative.

How Does Reconnective Healing® Manage the Causes of Diseases?

For you to fully understand what reconnection entails, you ought to experience it first. This healing therapy borrows from other interventions that are used to eliminate the causes of diseases. Nonetheless, there is no physical contact between you and your physician when undergoing the therapy. In addition, there are no drugs and reciting phrases, which are common in conventional healing. Therefore, Reconnective Healing® entails creating a balance between your emotional, physical, and spiritual states.

When undergoing Reconnective Healing®, you are only required to lie down and relax. This helps the healer to relate with your inner energy. The healers often hold their hands above patients’ bodies, or focus on them from across the healing room. This process helps a healer to interact with your frequencies remotely, thus attuning you to new frequencies, which you didn’t know existed. Scientists did not have an idea about the existence of these frequencies until recently. For you to benefit maximally from this healing therapy, you should undergo at least three sessions.

What Sensations do Patients have During Sessions?

In the course of a healing therapy, you will have different mental and physical sensations. Others do not feel anything at all during a Reconnective Healing® session. Irrespective of what you feel during a healing therapy, you will discover the benefits within hours. The therapy alleviates depression, pain, and all the harmful side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy.

You are likely to have synesthesia when undergoing this healing therapy. You may also experience a substantial rise in body temperature, and tingling sensations throughout your body. All these are unique sensations, which go a long way in restoring your physical and psychological health.

Why Consider Reconnection

Despite being an emerging healing therapy, this procedure is gaining mainstream acceptance due to its diverse application. It has been successfully used in cancer treatment, and in the management of other medical disorders. You should consider choosing it over traditional medical interventions for a number of reasons.

  • It works over long distances. It is possible for you to successfully hold a healing therapy session with a healer who is miles away. This is because the frequencies involved in Reconnective Healing® are not limited by time, and spatial constraints.
  • You may only require a single session. Reconnective Healing® can bring about a permanent change right after you undergo the initial session. This is not always the case with prescription therapies and treatments. You may not require follow-up sessions if you notice an immediate change after undergoing the first one.
  • DNA restructuring. This healing therapy has a positive and enduring effect on your DNA structure. Studies have shown that reconnection restructures and repairs human DNA. In addition, it speeds up the reorganization of impaired DNA faster than most energy healing alternatives.

Reconnective Healing® completely outshines conventional medical interventions as far as eliminating the causes of diseases is concerned. Since it doesn’t wholly focus on symptoms, it brings about instantaneous but everlasting healing. This can help you chart a new path of healthfulness, spiritual awakening, and confidence. Contact us for more information.