Millions of Americans each year turn to complementary and alternative medicine to help treat disease, common ailments, and to improve their quality of life. According to a government survey, 36 percent of adults in the United States use some form of alternative medicine to treat their medical conditions. These figures represent a growing dissatisfaction with conventional healthcare. With alternative therapy, the patient’s mind, body, and spirit become balanced and focused on the power of healing. Complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM therapies, are also cost effective and considered safer than conventional medicine in many cases. One of these therapies, Reconnective Healing®, works with the energies within the body to create an emotional, physical, and spiritual healing experience for patients. With Reconnective Healing®, individuals can avoid the expense and side effects that accompany medications. This treatment works without drugs and can treat common conditions, and help to relieve patients suffering from cancer and radiation therapy.

What is Reconnective Healing® 

Reconnective Healing® Although this form of alternative healing shares some elements in common with other alternative therapies, such as reiki, it has new and unique features of its own. For example, the technique focuses on returning the body to an optimal state of balance and harmony. The process works at a distance with the frequencies in our body that play a vital role in preventing and healing disease. When the frequencies in our body are low, we are more vulnerable to illness, and disease. Balancing our unique energy signatures can harmonize the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How Does It Work?

Reconnective Healing® works in harmony with the body’s natural healing properties and focuses on restoring energy and frequency in the body. A session can be conducted in person or at a distance. It starts with the patient lying down, fully clothed, and in a relaxed position. Your practitioner will then begin to work with the energy present in the room to manipulate any frequencies that might be present. During the healing process, individuals have reported a variety of symptoms from spiritual visions, to unexpected sensations, and synesthesia. The healing experience can treat a broad range of illnesses, and provide a unique new approach for patients.

Who Should Seek Reconnective Healing® Treatment?

If you are looking for an alternative treatment for common everyday ailments including colds, general pain, or stress, Reconnective Healing® is perfect for you. There are no age limits or restrictions for this method. Anyone interested in pursuing an alternative approach to traditional medicine can benefit from this method. Individuals seeking assistance with emotional, or spiritual dilemmas have found confidence and spiritual awakening through Reconnective Healing®. Although you don’t need to be suffering from a debilitating condition to benefit from this therapy, patients who have cancer or other chronic diseases have seen great results. It also great for individuals who are experiencing side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, and other invasive medical procedure.

Whether you are seeking treatment for common illnesses, general pain relief, or are treating a chronic or debilitating disease, Reconnective Healing® provides non-invasive results that last a lifetime. The healing process will also guide you in establishing a powerful connection and awareness with yourself and the environment around you. Contact us for consultation.