Experts and practitioners of alternative medicine and healing methods forward that there is a complex network of energy in the world that connects everything and everyone. This subtle energy system lays the foundation for energy healing; it is defined as one of the branches of alternative healing and is a holistic process where a healer channels the healing energy of the universe into you as the patient. This energy is responsible for the reactivation of your body’s inherent healing capacity. Energy healing is holistic because it boosts the physical, spiritual, emotional, and well-being of an individual.

Cancer and Reconnective Healing®

Energy HealingEnergy healing experts use techniques such as Acupuncture, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Reiki, and Reconnective Healing®, which can be considered as the most recent discovery. It is a process that works without physical touch or prescription drugs; the practitioner interacts with your internal and surrounding energy system to enhance your body’s healing capability and return it to the optimal level. The results are long-term improvements to your physical health, as well as emotional and spiritual well-being.

Because Reconnective Healing® is nonintrusive and long-lasting, it is used by many practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine to counter the side effects of cancer treatments. Other benefits of Reconnective Healing® as an alternative form of medicine for treating cancer include:

  • Reenergizes your body’s natural ability to heal. When your energy system experiences blockage, you will encounter mental and emotional torment, which can lead to physical illness. A practitioner interacts with the natural healing frequencies within and outside of your body to bring about a more efficient process of healing.
  • Open up your mental consciousness. Reconnective Healing is an extremely useful approach to health and wellness because it opens up your mind to both physical and behavioral aspects that you need to improve on so as to facilitate optimum recovery. This will boost your health, as well as mental and physical vitality. It will also put you in a position to immerse yourself more into your life and environment.
  • Assist you in countering the side effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Cancer not only affects your physical being but also your mind and your soul. This will be detrimental to your recovery because it may lead to stress-related illnesses, as well as the development of a negative outlook on life. However, Reconnective Healing will give you a great opportunity to fight this, and achieve holistic healing.

How Reconnective Healing® will boost Your Recovery

As a branch of energy healing, Reconnective Healing® is based on frequencies and energy existing within and around you. Therefore, when this energy experiences blockages, Reconnective Healing® will rebalance and repair it, enabling your body to return to an optimal state of health and well-being. This is facilitated by your body’s innate ability to heal.

The frequencies channeled through your practitioner will help you to reach new levels of health and confidence, as well as spiritual elevation and boosted emotional intelligence. This will improve your quality of life, which increases the possibility of recovery.


Although it has some positive effects, it is recommended that Reconnective Healing® should not be used as a replacement for your cancer treatment. It should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine technique so as to improve the healing process. By countering the side effects of cancer treatments and improving your quality of life, Reconnective Healing® will significantly contribute to elevated levels of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellness and consciousness. Understanding the concept and application of Reconnective Healing® will be instrumental towards achieving a happier and healthier life.