Reconnective Healing®The world today has a set of rules and regulations for every human being in the society. These imposed rules and regulations act as the guidelines for how you should act in certain situations, how you should function mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally and even who you should be. In the pursuit of achieving the societal standards of living, many people who are aiming for some sort of balance end up jumping from one doctrine to the next. The most popular doctrine that has been etched on society’s mind is that when you are sick, the only way to get well is by visiting the hospital and seeking out someone else’s answers for your illness.

With the revolution experienced in the scientific industry, many unconventional ways of seeking optimal health and well-being are being embraced all over the world. One such alternative medium is Reconnective Healing®. Individuals who have sought healing of the body, mind, and soul through Reconnective Healing® have reported to finally get to a state of harmony and balance. To fully understand how you can transform your life with Reconnective Healing®, let’s have an in-depth look at what Reconnective Healing® is.

Understanding Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing® basically helps you to tap into the intrinsic awareness of the universal intelligence that was behind the creation of all life forms. It’s typically defined as the body’s restoration to a state of balance after the interaction with the healing spectrum of light, information, and energy. A session of Reconnective Healing® helps you to tap into and gain access to this intelligence inside and out. Ultimately, you will be able to integrate this intelligence into your daily life. You will interact with it on a more evolved level for the purpose of guidance, physical, mental and spiritual healing and ultimately transform your world.

Conceptualizing Reconnective Healing® for Complete Transformation

The principle and concept behind Reconnective Healing® is getting access to your body’s innate healing power to rid your body of complex ailments the medical world has failed to cure. The basic element of Reconnective Healing® is energy. Everything, including our physical bodies and our essence, is made up of energy. Reconnective Healing® is not a form of treatment or recurrent therapy. It goes beyond the basic principle of traditional healing techniques that are more inclined to focus on symptoms, diagnosis, and medication.

This form of healing allows your body to interact with the healing frequencies and bring about healings that are immediate and lifelong. While the frequencies in the Reconnective Healing® spectrum combine with the energy in your body, you will automatically get into a higher vibration level. This restructures the current state of your body and inspires a state of balance, order, and coherence. Reconnective Healing® has gained prominence and has released exceptional reports of healing diseases like cancer, cerebral palsy, depression and heart diseases among others. Once the connection with the healing power and is initiated during your session, the energy and vibration levels continue to work with you and ensuring the wellbeing of your body, mind, and soul.

A Reconnective Healing® session takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Experts and practitioners recommend not more than three sessions for every patient. The sessions are non-intrusive as the practitioner only needs to place their hands over your body, interact with the positive frequencies in the room and help your body get attuned to them.


After a session, you are in a better position to accept that in order for change to effect and transform your world, you need to realize that the change has to start inside you.